WATCH: Vaccination Propaganda Videos To Nudge You To Just Love Vaccines

With the rising cases of multiple adverse reactions to the COVID-19 vaccine, now out of blue vaccination propaganda videos with no scientific basis are popping up to nudge you to just love vaccines and ask no questions.

Vaccination Propaganda Videos To  Nudge You To Just Love Vaccines

To supress people from asking pertinent questions regarding the side-effects of vaccines and to brainwash them, million of dollars have been allocated by the CDC to combat what they call “vaccine hesitancy”.

Infact, Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) called for the CDC to immediately begin a $1 billion “ad blitz” to publicize the safety and efficacy of COVID-19 vaccines.

In addition to public service announcements and traditional advertisements, the promotional campaign could include community organizing, door-knocking and other efforts to confront hesitancy about the vaccine, Schumer’s office said.

Meanwhile, the White House is poised to launch a sweeping new campaign to reduce vaccine hesitancy as the Biden administration barrels ahead with plans to give every American access to Covid shots by May 1, according to three senior officials familiar with the matter.

The campaign, coordinated across the federal government’s health agencies, will focus on reaching Americans who are skeptical of signing up for a shot, or who do not know where to get it, and aims to combat hesitancy about the vaccine’s efficacy and safety, sources said.

Even the Indian government, to counter media reports on the failure of public health system in India, has engaged Ogilvy, a PR, advertisement firm, to plant stories on the ‘perfect implementation’ of Ayushman Bharat scheme.

Ogilvy was also hired by the current government for an image makeover to win 2014 election. Our long time readers would remember the origins of Ogilvy come from British Intelligence and specifically the psychological warfare techniques they employed during World War 2.

The modus operandi reminds of the British government’s massive campaign to infiltrate civil society at every level where they recruited Comedians and Youtubers for secret psyops campaign targeting NATO members.

If you come across more such vaccine propaganda videos, let us know in the comments below.

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  1. The Plannedemic Steps:
    1. FEAR!
    2. Information control & censorship
    3. Shutdown and social distancing
    4. Blame President Trump!
    5. Martial Law and Checkpoints
    6. Mandatory Vaccine Rollout
    This third and fourth wave of the virus was planned long ago by the puppet masters who own the central banks, including the Bank of China. These imposters are the puppet masters whose messiah is Lucifer/Satan. It is they who have created the free slave world in which we all live today. See my blog at to find out who they are…
    The Plandemic:
    “1st Phase: Common/cold/Flu. Mild symptoms at most. Media endorsement of mass paranoia and fear. Flawed testing system utilized, which picks up any genetic material in the body and triggers a positive result. Inflation of Covid case numbers, through changing of death certificates, double-counting, and classifying all deaths including other diseases and natural causes as Covid19. Lockdown will condition us to life under Draconian laws, prevent protests and identify public resistance.
    2nd Phase: The 1st Phase will lead to compromised and frail immune system through lack of food, social distancing, wearing of masks, and lack of contact with sunlight and healthy bacteria. Exposure to 5G radiation will further attack the immune system. Thus, when people re-emerge into society, more people will fall ill. This will be blamed on Covid19. This will all occur before the vaccination is ready to justify it. A longer and more potent lockdown will follow until everyone takes the vaccine.
    3rd Phase: If majority of people resist the vaccine, a weaponized SARS/HIV/MERS virus will be released. A lot of people will die from this. It will be survival of the fittest. It will also be the ultimate push for everyone to be vaccinated, in order to return to normality. Those who have taken the vaccine will be at war with those who have not. It will be anarchy from all sides.”

    “Covid-19means the ‘certificate of identification of vaccination with artificial intelligence’ and ’19’ was the year in which it was created.”
    It’s ALL be design as the horde of imposters being led by GOG/Satan to depopulate the world according to their ten commandments of the George Guide Stones…maintain the population at 500 million.
    The last sea (of people) beast kingdom is the U.N. and its many international tentacles which began in the 40’s. The sea beast received its deadly wound as the League of Nations. We have been living in the NWO for a very long time. Wake up!!

  2. Absolutely disgusting. A crime against humanity in TV advertising. The goof ball actor says it will take him six weeks to be “totally immune.” Where did that come from? According to Dr. Bossche its more likely the fictional character will become a super spreader.

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