How To Admit You Were Wrong About COVID And Reconcile With Friends And Family

If you were not already aware, the COVID initiative ended up being, to put it mildly, a disaster. How can I possibly move forward, you ask yourself in light of everything that has transpired? Now that its done with, this is how to admit you were wrong about COVID and reconcile with friends and family.

How To Admit You Were Wrong About COVID And Reconcile With Friends And Family

The initial models were off, quite off, and the most dangerous pandemic in human history did not leave millions of corpses on the side of the road. We can now confidently assert that locations like Sweden, Florida, Belarus, and South Dakota, to mention a few, are real places where almost no lockdowns have ever been required, not just mystical places that exist beyond the Wardrobe. This proves that it is not because of strict regulations imposed by governments.

If you’re a Canadian, you may have heard of the United States of America, where even in the most locked down areas, they all but abandoned stringent regulations around a year before practically every province in Canada.

If we recall correctly, mass death also never occurred in Texas, despite the fact that Dr. Fauci was certain that the Lone Star State would perish when things resumed to normal in April 2021.

In any case, the majority of the news organizations as well as our governments misled the public on COVID. We were given a false impression, and everything just does not add up—whether it was forecasts about death rates, the effectiveness of immunizations, or the constantly shifting prophecies of Dr. Anthony Fauci.

But what if you drank too much Kool-Aid?

Now, you might already be aware of this or you might have only recently realized what was actually going on a few days ago. Maybe you thought to yourself, “I don’t remember having to take jabs every six months for all the other plagues … ,” when they advised you to take your fourth shot.

Perhaps you informed your immediate family that you would not visit them until cases were cleared, and then until you were fully vaccinated, and then until you got your first booster, or until they were all jabbed.

Whatever the situation, you know that you consumed too much or for too long of the proverbial Kool-Aid. You may now want to stop or wish you had never agreed to it in the first place. In any case, you are stranded, have strained bonds with family members who are now living apart from one another, and have lost out on more than two years of life while taking a lot of shots with nothing to show for it.

How do you move forward?

“How can I ever move forward?” you wonder, given everything that has transpired.

Unfortunately, like many others, you have experienced heated disagreements and falling outs with family members and friends who you dismissed as careless because they did not think covering your mouth with a handkerchief would avert the end of the world. Or, even worse, you branded everyone who chose not to have the vaccination as an “anti-vaxxer” because they were uneasy about receiving a shot that has been available for much shorter than Trudeau’s tenure as prime minister.

Perhaps you repeated the myths about the “pandemic of the unvaccinated,” but then encountered actual government data proving the reverse.

The issue is that you now desire to move ahead but do not know how.

Don’t mention it

If you have not wrecked any bridges or flung any obscenities or allegations at your COVID-skeptic loved ones, then trying to move forward and reconciliation may require merely showing up to a BBQ without a mask and acting like it is 2019.

Most individuals who have missed you do not intend to be vindictive; instead, they are likely to have missed you and would be delighted to see you, even if it were unannounced.

If you’ve been estranged from the “anti-vaxxers” and miss their company, just behave normally and do not bring up COVID when you encounter them.

The irony is that the majority of those classified as fringe extremists by the media and politicians opposed obligatory health care policies because they think that people may and should make their own choices.

They normally had no problem with you masking or vaxing in your private affairs, but they did have a problem with mandatory measures that they did not agree with.

Some people’s motivations included a sense of liberty, a desire to attend church, or the fact that they are on the granola side of things and do not support widespread pharmaceutical intervention. These people are ordinary, to put it simply.

So long as you did not burn any bridges, act normally, and everything will probably be simply water underneath the bridge.

It’s not that simple

What if you insulted your family members or refused to invite them to Christmas? Perhaps you posted something on social media that you wish you could undo… but cannot

In that instance, COVID or a vaccination are not relevant. It concerns morality.

If you backed vaccine discrimination, you also endorsed segregation, which is unethical regardless of the vaccination. If this is the case, any reconciliation will be conditional on the relationship.

You may find it tough to reconcile with those who have been made to feel like lepers, particularly if those feelings have been exacerbated by the words and acts of intimate family members.

If you find yourself in a situation where you know it is time to make amends with estranged friends and family members, we urge you to move quickly. After all, those of us who were banished by the people we loved have mostly come to terms with the truth that some relationships can never be repaired.

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