The Pandemic Of The Vaccinated Will Only Get Worse

There has been a profound change in the nature of the COVID pandemic. With over 1 million already declared dead from COVID and more than 500 dying every day in the US and nearly all vaccinated, it is critically important for the public to understand that COVID vaccines that the vast majority of people have taken are the root cause of high death rates.

The Pandemic Of The Vaccinated Will Only Get Worse

Vaccine shots have now been shown to cause substantial blood damage, and also wreck immune systems. This explains why we have a pandemic of the vaccinated. Note that more Americans have died in 2022 than in the years when there was little or no vaccination, 2020 and 2021. In other words, the vaccines have produced more deaths. Thus defining the pandemic of the vaccinated. Hundreds of thousands of Americans have died from the vaccines, and many vaccine deaths are buried in the category of COVID deaths.

Australia’s death toll from COVID-19 during the first few months of 2022 was double the total deaths in 2020 and 2021, showing a global situation of. vaccine ineffectiveness.

There are different kinds of lethal vaccine consequences. First, some people die soon after getting a shot, including heart attacks, strokes and lethal heart inflammation. Some victims, especially younger men often die soon after getting a shot. The are countless news accounts of healthy young men, often athletes, dying soon after a shot.

In June 2022 this was reported: “According to International Olympic Committee data, “an average of 29 athletes under the age of 35 suffered sudden death per year from 1966 to 2004. From March 2021 to March 2022, 769 athletes have died or suffered cardiac arrest.” Odds are that they were compelled to get vaccinated.

This was a most interesting report:” A local ABC News Station posted a request on Facebook for people to share their stories of unvaccinated loved ones that died. They wanted to make a news story on this. What happened was totally unexpected. In five days time over 250,000 people posted comments, but not about unvaccinated loved ones. All the comments talk about vaccinated loved ones that died shortly after being injected, or that are disabled for life. The 250,000 comments reveal a shocking death wave among the population, and the heart wrenching suffering these injections are causing.” This was given in the most impressive “The Vaccine Death Report (read below) -Evidence of millions of deaths and serious adverse events resulting from the experimental COVID -19 injections.” This was produced in September 2021; so the numbers would be much higher today.

The following also appeared in this key Death Report report: “This alarming data leads world experts, like the Nobel Prize Winner in Medicine, Dr. Luc Montagnier, to issue a grave warning that we are currently facing the greatest risk of worldwide genocide, in the history of humanity.12 Even the inventor of the mRNA technology, Dr. Robert Malone, warns against these injections that are using his technology.13,14 The situation is so severe that former Pfizer vice president and chief scientist Dr. Mike Yeadon came forward to warn humanity for these extremely dangerous injections. One of his best known videos is titled ‘A Final Warning’.15 Another world renown scientist, Geert Vanden Bossche, former Head of Vaccine Development Office in Germany, and Chief Scientific Officer at Univac, also risks his name and career, by bravely speaking out against administration of the covid shots. The vaccine developer warns that the injections can compromise the immunity of the vaccinated, making them vulnerable for every new variant.”

This summary was also given in the Death Report report: “A study by the University of San Francisco, or Salk Institute, shows that the vaccines turn the human body into a spike protein factory, making trillions of spikes that cause blood clots, which cause strokes and heart attacks. Another study confirms how the vaccines can cause deadly blood clots, that in turn cause heart attacks and strokes. The New England Journal of Medicine shows how the jabs cause heart inflammation, and the same journal published a study about the dramatic increase of miscarriages. Several studies prove the reality of antibody dependent enhancement. Also the occurrence of infertility and reduced sperm count is confirmed. Lastly a study showed that the injections cause cancer.” In other words, many vaccine deaths take place months or years after vaccination.

Also in this report was this accounting for vaccine deaths in Israel: “The Israeli Peoples Committee is a team of doctors, attorneys, criminologists, epidemiologists and academic researchers, determined to perform an investigation, inquiry, and exposure for the benefit of the public. Although they are a relatively unknown group, they still received 3754 reports, including 480+ deaths, as of August 5th, 2021.28 The IPC states that these numbers represent only 2- 3% of the true prevalence in the population, which means that the number of deaths in Israel is around 48,000 and adverse events around 375,400. Also in Israel, statistics from shows a massive spike in deaths when the vaccinations started. Before the immunizations began, there were hardly any daily covid deaths in Israel. Once the vacccinations began, the daily death toll rose from 1-3 to 75-100 deaths a day!”

A new April 2022 medical article found this: A new study by Israeli researchers and published in Nature has revealed an increase of over 25 percent in cardiovascular-related emergency calls in the young-adult population, following the rollout of COVID vaccines, among both males and females. No similar increase was found due to COVID infection alone. Using data from the highly regarded Emergency Medical Services was a clever way of getting the truth about vaccine deaths that Israel government agencies were not revealing. Here is what the study said: ” the study aims to evaluate the association between the volume of cardiac arrest and acute coronary syndrome EMS calls in the 16–39-year-old population with potential factors including COVID-19 infection and vaccination rates. An increase of over 25% was detected in both call types during January–May 2021, compared with the years 2019–2020. Using Negative Binomial regression models, the weekly emergency call counts were significantly associated with the rates of 1st and 2nd vaccine doses administered to this age group but were not with COVID-19 infection rates. “

But many people feeling ill go to hospitals where they are often classed as COVID because of a positive test. It is now well known that hospitals do not necessarily research whether such patients have been vaccinated or exactly what shots they had. They take the easy way and just label most patients as unvaccinated. This is a coverup of actual vaccine deaths. This is a terrible lie that sends a wrong message to the public. It intentionally hides the truth that we have a pandemic of the vaccinated.

This viewpoint is supported by many reports of high levels of excess deaths that do not result from COVID infection. There have also been many reports from insurance companies in the US and Germany of unusually high death rates among working age adults, the vast majority of which were vaccinated.

While they may test psotitive for COVID, the cause can be a damaged immune system that has allowed the COVID virus, now present everywhere because transmission is still widely occurring. But they are not necessarily dying from what was seen at the beginning of the pandemic, namely viral infection. They are dying from vaccine impacts, especially a damaged or weakened immune system and blood damage resulting from vaccination.

In this respect, there is considerable data from the UK that shows the fraction of COVID deaths in vaccinated people, typically 90% or more. In the US, there are no comprehensive data showing what fraction of COVID deaths nationwide are for vaccinated people. Hospitals are not motivated to get such data, nor is the CDC. Vaccinated people are getting breakthrough COVID infections. But there is no nationwide, comprehensive data on breakthrough infections. But here is what a news story reported: “In August of 2021, about 18.9% of COVID-19 deaths occurred among the vaccinated. Six months later, in February 2022, that proportional percent of deaths had increased to more than 40%.” It is likely much higher now.

In a data filled article about events in the UK, this was the headline: 1 in every 246 Vaccinated People has died within 60 days of Covid-19 Vaccination in England according to UK Government.

Similat data has come from Canada. In British Columbia between March 20 and April 16,2022 63 percent of people diagnosed with a covid infection had taken their first booster shot. Even more astounding is the fact that of those who passed away during this time, supposedly from “covid,” a whopping 73 percent had received at least one booster shot.

A rational question is this: Why do so many vaccinated people do not suffer adverse health impacts or death? Here are the major explanations.

Many people got shots from low quality vaccine lots that did not fill their bodies with spike proteins, the fundamental cause of blood and immune system damage.

Countless people have strengthened their immune system by using any of the many protocols based on vitamins (especially D), supplements and generic medicines like ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine. The have also lost weight to avoid obesity and maintain a healthy diet. These are effective, safe alternatives to COVID vaccines.


Finally, the eminent Dr. Peter McCullough has publicly said that the COVID vaccines “are causing a large number of deaths.” He has pointed out that ‘“In Ontario, they have data that 9 out of 10 people who are dying of Covid-19, are fully vaccinated.” And also “The data poured in from Canada, the U.K., Israel, Europe, South Africa, and Australia, clearly showing that when they account for who’s been fully vaccinated, that indeed, the fully vaccinated are doing far worse with Covid-19 than those who are unvaccinated.” And: “The vaccines are causing significant heart inflammation.” He has also strongly advocated stopping all vaccine mandates. His interview is worth watching because of all the medical data he presents.

Another truth teller in South Africa gained attention: Of particular interest were Dr Herman Edeling’s insights into the fundamental flaw of mass vaccination during a pandemic and those deaths which occur during the period of immune suppression which follows vaccination – deaths, he says, which are medically vaccine deaths and must be recorded as such. But far too many are not.

That multitudes of government agencies and others are still pushing and often requiring COVID vaccine shots truly represent a crime against humanity with millions of deaths worldwide. Deaths will keep escalating as immune systems keep getting damaged. So many victims of pandemic propaganda (the real disinformation) will die because they believe all the nonsense about the vaccines. They do not fully appreciate the significant vaccine risks that outweigh the benefits for most people. And Pfizer will keep making billions more dollars. More shots, more clots, more short and long term deaths. Insanity.

Joel S Hirschhorn is a health researcher. This article was originally published on the Pandemic Blunder Newsletter.

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    It’s not even been one year since 20 million Indians were genocided by Modi and the vaccines.

    Just last year in September 2021 people were dying by the thousands all poisoned with the vaccines.

    People have been then programmed to become forgetful.

    Nobody even remembers the corona genocide.

    Except me.

    If you talk about putting the politicians in jail the vaccinated say that it’s all ancient history.

    Due to the public being controlled and directed in their hive minds- To them corona is as old as the pyramids.

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