Sanitation Worker In India Dies Just 2 Hours After Getting COVID-19 Vaccine

In yet another incident of Covid-19 Vaccine death, a sanitation worker Mr Jignesh Solanki of Vadodara Municipal Corporation (VMC), Gujarat died within two hours after being administered Coronavirus vaccine on Sunday. The authorities have directed to perform post mortem to ascertain the actual cause of the death. However, the family of the deceased believes he died from the vaccine.

Sanitation Worker In India Dies Just 2 Hours After Getting COVID-19 Vaccine

The family members of the deceased are however of the opinion that the cause of the sudden death is the Covid 19 vaccine whereas the authorities said that the person might have died due to a heart attack as he had a history of heart disease since 2016 and was not taking any medicines.

The coronavirus vaccine booth was set up by the civic body for the health workers to be administered the vaccine.

The wife of the deceased has no knowledge of her husband being given the vaccine.

After being vaccinated, he returned home but fainted after a while playing with his daughter.

She clearly says “I had no idea that he was going to be vaccinated. We had not discussed about it. After getting vaccinated, he returned home, but fainted while playing with our daughter. We suspect that his sudden death was caused due to the vaccination”

Medical superintendent of SSG Hospital Dr Ranjan Aiyer said that after being administered the vaccine, he was under observation for half an hour and in that time period there was no sign of any adverse side effects.

He was declared brought dead at the SSG Hospital, Aiyer said.

Aiyer further said if a patient does not declare his medical history, and is on medicines, then he should not be vaccinated as per the general guidelines.

“As far as Jignesh is concerned, he had stopped taking medicines despite having a history of heart disease. On the basis of his medical history, we shall be able to get a better picture” he said.

Dr. Devesh Patel, VMCs medical officer of health said that the post mortem report is awaited which will ascertain the exact cause of Solanki’s death.

“The patient had a history of heart disease since 2016. His heart was weak, but he was not taking medicines, as his relatives told us” he said.

Earlier, an Indian healthcare worker died 6 days after receiving the experimental COVID-19 vaccine Covishield shot from Serum Institute of India. The family of the deceased has filed an FIR and now wants ban on the vaccine.

In yet another case, a woman from Rajasthan tested COVID-19 positive 31 times in 5 months baffling doctors. Her results have been contradicting the novel Coronavirus’ incubation cycle that is believed to end in 14 days.

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