Indian Woman Test COVID-19 Positive 31 Times In 5 Months. Doctors Baffled

An Indian woman from Rajasthan has tested COVID-19 positive 31 times in 5 months baffling doctors. Her results have been contradicting the novel Coronavirus’ incubation cycle that is believed to end in 14 days.

Indian Woman Test COVID-19 Positive 31 Times In 5 Months. Doctors Baffled

A 35-year-old woman in Rajasthan’s Bharatpur has been posing a unique challenge to all medical theories on Covid-19, after testing positive 31 times in the last five months.

Her results have been contradicting the novel Coronavirus’ incubation cycle that is believed to end in 14 days, officials said.

Each time, she tested corona positive she has left medical practitioners confused.

The patient, Sarada Devi, has been residing in Bharatpur’s Apna Ashram since August last year. Being a new entrant to the ashram, she was tested for Covid as per the regular protocol of the ashram where she came out positive.

“Since then, she has been staying in isolation and has been given all three types of treatment namely allopathic, Homeopathic and Ayurveda. However, despite all treatments, each time, her report comes positive.

Surprisingly, despite having positive Covid report, she is healthy and has gained around 7-8 kilo,” said Dr B.M. Bhardwaj, from Ashram, adding that she was too weak and fragile when she had come here and could not even stand on her own.

“Although her present condition satisfy us as she is healthy, however, her Covid-19 status is at another level, and we are worried.” 

“We have called Bharatpur Health officials and Sawai Man Singh hospital, Jaipur, health officials too to take up her case and explain her reports,” he added.

Bhardwaj said that the doctors who visited here have opined that low immunity in Sharda Devi may be the reason that her tests are continuously coming positive.

Kaptan Singh, CMHO Bharatpur told IANS that the patient is now completely healthy and does not show any ILI symptoms.

“As per the rule, those showing no symptoms for COVID-19 for the last 10 days should be treated as normal,” he said adding that sometimes, the dead virus houses inside the stomach and intestine which brings in positive report although the person at this time does not transmit the virus, he said adding that the patient has low immunity and that must be the reason she is showing positive report.”

It was only recently that the WHO changed its PCR test ctiteria to cover-up false positives and cautioned experts not to rely solely on the results of a PCR test to detect the coronavirus.

The new guidance could result in significantly fewer daily cases, the false positive cases that created an environment of panic and fear which experts have been warning since last year.

It’s unclear why the health agency waited over a year to release the new directive when the medical community already advised against it.

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