Who Is Contaminating Coronavirus Testing Kits

In a most shocking development, several countries have reported that testing kits, protective equipment and medical devices sent to them to combat COVID-19 were itself found to be contaminated with Coronavirus. Meanwhile, in the US the lab authorized to make coronavirus testing kits itself was found to be contaminated with coronavirus. As secret services have launched a worldwide Intelligence War over Coronavirus related medical supplies, the widespread contamination of the coronavirus testing kits poses a serious concern.
Who Is Contaminating Coronavirus Testing Kits
Who Is Contaminating Coronavirus Testing Kits

UK finds testing kits contaminated with Coronavirus

Last week, the UK disclosed that key components of the coronavirus testing kit the UK government had ordered from overseas were contaminated with the coronavirus itself! On Monday, the 30th of March, 2020, laboratories across UK were warned that there would be a delay in the delivery of “probes and primers.”

It was reported that the testing kits were sent from China and were found to be contaminated with the coronavirus when they were being surveyed by a Luxembourg-based company, Eurofins Scientific.

Eurofins admitted to the contamination saying, “We are aware that contaminations of the nature you mentioned have been observed by several primers and probes manufacturers around the world after they produced SARS-COV2 positive controls. ‘Those initial problems can be easily resolved by proper cleaning and production segregation procedures.” A positive control enables assessment of new test’s ability to detect a disease.

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In was in its February 2019 annual report, that Eurofin Scientific’s CEO Gilles G. Martin claimed, that the firm was already capable of handling coronavirus-stricken operations. “Eurofins food testing laboratories in China have already developed testing methods for SARS 2-CoV to help manufacturers resume their business activities.” He also spoke of how criminal cyber-attacks hit many of the Company’s laboratories in June of 2019.

Why isn’t Eurofins being ratted out for such a horrific gaffe? The Company sent testing kits contaminated with coronavirus! Why aren’t its officials being taken in custody and questioned at the highest levels for putting millions of lives in danger?

The curious case of undisclosed Contamination in US lab

In early March, 2020, a senior federal scientist in America and the country’s Food and Drug Administration (FDA) issued shocking statements disclosing that the Atlanta laboratory of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) authorized to make the coronavirus testing kits was itself found to be contaminated. The background to this being that although the WHO had shipped its coronavirus testing kits worldwide to 57 other countries, the U.S. had decided to make its own.

Timothy Stenzel, the Director of the CDC office of In Vitro Diagnostics and Radiological Health, was sent to the Atlanta lab on Feb 22 to help coordinate the administration’s coronavirus response. Surprisingly, the test specialist was stopped at CDC’s door and made to wait overnight, two individuals with knowledge of the episode told POLITICO. The scientist was granted permission to be on campus only after senior health department officials negotiated his access in a series of calls.

After the episode, Stenzel found evidence that the lab was contaminated with coronavirus and reported it to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS). It is unclear which senior health officials, at which agencies, knew about the CDC contamination and when they learned of them. HHS has convened a team of scientists from outside the CDC and launched an investigation into the matter.

The Race for Medical Equipment

Governments worldwide are geared up in a massive race for medical diagnostics, testing kits, treatment and vaccination efforts. GreatGameIndia has documented how governments are engaging in covert intelligence operations related to coronavirus at the highest levels in the race to procure protective equipment and gear, called PPE (Protective Equipment Personal) in medical parlance, which are in great shortage.

Such an evidently nightmarish situation, finding the coronavirus testing kits themselves contaminated with coronavirus in countries such as the U.S. and UK, raises many questions about not just the specific instance of sourcing, but the bigger geopolitical war-games being played out at an international level.

In an earlier report, GreatGameIndia revealed how in June of 2009, the World Health Organization (WHO) constituted an emergency committee of undisclosed individuals and declared the H1N1 outbreak a “pandemic,” which triggered Buy clauses on vaccination products from various developed countries. These purchases turned out to be not so necessary in the countries making the initial purchases, but fell short in countries which were most affected and couldn’t purchase them in time, resulting in soaring profits for vaccine makers – all down to the machinations of certain undisclosed decision makers!

We’re in the middle of intelligence war over coronavirus and the role of secret services cannot be ruled out, keeping in mind, also, how a pandemic was manufactured by WHO the last time in 2009.

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