Worldwide Intelligence War Over Coronavirus Related Medical Supplies

Secret services and militaries have become involved in operations related to the coronavirus pandemic as masks and other essential products become issues of national security amid the rapidly worsening outbreak. Sources have informed GreatGameIndia that a worldwide intelligence war is being waged for Coronavirus related medical supplies. The media has barely begun reporting about mask-focused operations involving secret services in the U.S, Germany, Israel, Italy, Greece, Tunisia and Kenya.

Hospitals in Europe and America are alarmed, and many countries have difficulties finding breathing apparatuses and equipment to protect coronavirus patients. While countries are looking for a way to manufacture or import masks and respirators, there is an unprecedented clash between intelligence agencies in order to seize these essential products.

Worldwide Intelligence War Over Coronavirus Related Medical Supplies
Worldwide Intelligence War Over Coronavirus Related Medical Supplies

Mossad’s Blunder – Buys 100,000 wrong test kits

Israel’s foreign intelligence service, Mossad, was brought in to help secure much-needed coronavirus test kits from countries with which Israel does not have diplomatic relations, only to find they were the wrong ones.

According to the report, as a result of Mossad’s operation, 100,000 coronavirus test kits were brought to Israel last week, but it turned out that these test kits were not what the health officials wanted. Israel’s Ministry of Health wanted swabs and test tubes for collecting samples from patients while Mossad bought kits for a different part of the test that aren’t currently needed.

The officials blamed “miscommunication” while Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s office went into damage-control mode, saying the supplies would be used for other purposes and asking the Ministry of Health to issue statements praising Mossad. Since the incident, Mossad has stepped up its efforts hunting for scarce Coronavirus related medical equipments worldwide.

Czech Republic seizes more than 100,000 Italian face masks from China

The Italian daily la Repubblica reported that Czech authorities seized Chinese masks intended for Italian hospitals under the guise of a sting against traffickers in the article headlined “How the Czech Republic sequestered thousands of masks sent from China to Italy.”

Czech police said they carried out an anti-trafficking operation in which they seized 680,000 masks and ventilators from a warehouse of a private company in Lovosice, north of Prague.

Italian authorities reacted sharply to the confiscation, as the mask shipment was one of the first major deliveries. Czech authorities, who accepted their mistake, recently announced that the same number of masks will be sent to Italy. In addition, Czech security units confiscated about 700,000 medical items ordered by the country after an attempt to raise the price.

Tunisia accuses Italy of confiscating medical alcohol

Tunisia’s Trade Minister has accused Italy of seizing a shipment of medical alcohol en route to Tunisia from China. “What happened to this shipment is similar to the Czechs stealing a cargo of medical face masks that China sent to Italy to help combat the coronavirus,” explained Mohamed Msilini in televised comments on Monday evening. “Today, all European countries are hysterical, and all of them are stealing equipment for fear of this virus.”

In another incident Italy seized 1,840 respirators which were supposed to reach Greece. The truck carrying the products was about to board a ferry to Greece when Italy refused to allow it to leave the country.

Germany loses 6 million coronavirus masks at Kenyan airport

Germany is investigating the loss of about 6 million masks which went missing at an airport in Kenya last week, a strange disappearance that authorities in the African nation have labeled “fake news.” 6 million FFP2 type masks, purchased by Germany were expected to arrive in on March 20.

The incident, which was confirmed by the German Defense Ministry, did not incur financial losses since Germany had not paid for these masks. It is unknown whether another country played a role in the disappearance of the masks. Since the incident, Coronavirus-related acquisitions have been transferred to the Ministry of Defense.

US snatches French Shipment from tarmac

The U.S. allegedly snatched a planeload of 60 million Chinese-made medical masks that were initially intended for France. The U.S. seized the equipment minutes before the airplane took off, said Renaud Muselier, head of southwestern Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur region.

“A French order was bought out with cash by Americans on the tarmac, and the plane that was to fly to France took off for the U.S. instead,” Muselier told RT France on Wednesday.

Meanwhile, the head of northeastern Grand Est region told French RTL radio that the Americans pay “three or four times” the amount in cash right on the tarmac, citing a need to “fight” for medical equipment.

Coronavirus Triggers Worldwide Cyberattacks

Meanwhile, as Cyber Security expert Ersin Çahmutoğlu reported earlier for GreatGameIndia, the Coronavirus outbreak has triggered worldwide Cyberattacks from cybercriminals with economic motivation and state-sponsored cyber threat actors operating for cyber espionage. It is estimated that victims will be increasingly targeted with Coronavirus-themed activities, apps, websites and armed documents.

Coronavirus Disrupts Mexican Drug Cartels

Even the supply chain of Mexican drug cartels has been disrupted due to Coronavirus related global lockdowns and cessation of international travel. China is a major source of chemicals, synthesizers and drugs for the Mexican cartels.

Two drug cartels, Sinaloa (Sinaloa reportedly controls around 90% of the entrance of synthetic drugs to the United States) and Jalisco “New generation” or CJNG are reportedly hit the hardest, unable to source chemicals and synthesizers necessary to manufacture drugs such as heroin, methamphetamines and fentanyl.

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