What Does ASMR Do To Your Brain? Watch These Videos And Find Out.

Discover the impact of ASMR on your brain by watching these videos. Explore the world of soothing sensations and relaxation in this informative guide.

A genre of video called ASMR is an increasingly popular form of online entertainment. Some viewers claim the videos give them pleasurable tingling sensations and help them relax and fall asleep.

Since 2010, interest in ASMR content has steadily risen on video streaming services such as YouTube.

ASMR is short for autonomous sensory meridian response. For some people, specific sounds and images — like whispering, slurping noodles or crinkling paper — may trigger pleasurable sensations or feelings of euphoriarelaxation or well-being.

Scientists don’t fully understand why some people get these sensations — or why these videos also make some people cringe. But emerging research offers some clues into what areas of the brain may be involved.

Former Google engineer Ray Kurzweil, who spoke on the YouTube channel Adagio, said that humans will achieve immortality in 8 years.

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