Humans To Achieve Immortality In 8 Years, Says Former Google Engineer

Former Google engineer Ray Kurzweil, who spoke on the YouTube channel Adagio, said that humans will achieve immortality in 8 years.

A former Google engineer has made a stark realization that humans will achieve immortality in eight years – and 86 percent of his 147 predictions have been correct.

Ray Kurzweil spoke with the YouTube channel Adagio, discussing the expansion in genetics, nanotechnology, and robotics, which he believes will lead to age-reversing ‘nanobots.’ 

These tiny robots will repair damaged cells and tissues that deteriorate as the body ages and make us immune to diseases like cancer.

The predictions that such a feat is achievable by 2030 have been met with excitement and skepticism, as curing all deadly diseases seems far out of reach.

Kurzweil was hired by Google in 2012 to ‘work on new projects involving machine learning and language processing,’ but he was making predictions in technological advances long before.

In 1990, he predicted the world’s best chess player would lose to a computer by 2000, and it happened in 1997 when Deep Blue beat Gary Kasparov.  

Kurzweil made another startling prediction in 1999: he said that by 2023 a $1,000 laptop would have a human brain’s computing power and storage capacity.

Christopher Wareham, a bioethicist expert at Utrecht University who studies the ethics of aging, told The Financial Times that he was worried that elderly billionaires will become immortal and keep compounding wealth forever.

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  1. These people who believe that through science they can achieve immortality is nothing more than a day drame and their total ignorance about the very principle of life. Life doesn’t depends on cells. Its a matter of real fact that length of life depends on the number of breaths a person takes. The breaths are limited when supply of breath disconnected mam will have to die.The source of breath is known God.

  2. You can bet that these “age-reversing” nanobots will do the exact opposite. The people that want to depop are not going to make us immortal.

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