Watch: US Deploys Anti-Air Defense System On Gaza Aid Pier

Social media posts suggest that the US is deploying an anti-air defense system, C-RAM, on the Gaza Aid Pier. This follows an incident where two American soldiers were injured and some aid trucks were reportedly taken over by Palestinians.

Watch: US Deploys Anti-Air Defense System On Gaza Aid Pier 1

According to Israeli media, an accident occurred on Thursday while the two American servicemen were working on the Gaza humanitarian dock, injuring them.

“Two U.S. soldiers sustained light injuries on Thursday during a work accident near the temporary floating pier in Gaza,” i24 News said. There are reports that a third soldier was also injured.

Watch: US Deploys Anti-Air Defense System On Gaza Aid Pier 2

“The soldiers were promptly evacuated through Ashdod Port to an Israeli hospital for treatment,” according to the report. Israeli Army Radio described that the US soldiers were “injured in the floating dock area off Gaza.”

The first ambulances have arrived at the pier in recent days, but things have started chaotically overall. Several trucks had left with aid, but as of Tuesday, no confirmed deliveries had been made.

“Pentagon spokesman Maj. Gen. Pat Ryder said Tuesday that the issues have arisen once the aid was loaded onto nongovernmental organization trucks, departed the marshaling area, and headed toward distribution warehouses in Gaza,” Navy Times reported.

Before reaching their destination, some of the trucks were allegedly taken over by Palestinians in a state of desperation.

“Only five of the 16 aid trucks that left the secured area on Saturday arrived at the intended warehouse with their cargo intact, U.N. World Food Program spokesperson Steve Taravella told The Associated Press,” Navy Times continued. “He said the other 11 trucks were waylaid by what became a crowd of people and arrived without their cargo.”

Despite US warships being off the coast and Israel’s military (IDF) in charge of guarding the pier’s landside, site security has remained a major worry.

Watch: US Deploys Anti-Air Defense System On Gaza Aid Pier 3 U.S. Centurion C-RAM anti-aircraft artillery system is deployed near a US-built floating pier in the Gaza Strip.

Images that have been making the rounds on social media seem to verify that the US military has set up a C-RAM system (Counter-Rocket, Artillery, and Mortar) to protect the pier from airborne threats like drones and rockets.

Videos appear to indicate that it has already seen some action, maybe taking out a drone that was passing by. Alternatively, it might have been a prearranged live-fire test to verify its placement and functionality after installation. US forward operating bases abroad in the Middle East, as well as locations such as the US Embassy in the Green Zone of Baghdad, are protected by the C-RAM.

Below: See Gaza’s coast being used by the recently installed C-RAM.

In the past, the Pentagon has stated unequivocally that US troops are allowed to defend themselves and return fire. Nonetheless, there are at least two Israeli bases located close by, and the IDF has stated that it is in charge of ensuring security on land.

GreatGameIndia recently reported that during a press conference, the Pentagon’s spokesman, Gen. Patrick S. Ryder, admitted to reporters on Tuesday that Biden’s Gaza Pier stunt was a total failure.

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