Pentagon Admits Biden’s Gaza Pier Stunt Is Total Failure

During a press conference, the Pentagon’s spokesman, Gen. Patrick S. Ryder, admitted to reporters on Tuesday that Biden’s Gaza Pier stunt is a total failure.

Pentagon Admits Biden's Gaza Pier Stunt Is Total Failure 1

It did not take long for the Pentagon to essentially certify that the makeshift Gaza port President Biden ordered was a complete failure.

The Pentagon’s spokesman, Gen. Patrick S. Ryder, made the admission to reporters on Tuesday during a press conference. He said that nongovernmental organizations had not given any of the 569 metric tons of food and supplies that were shipped into the port and delivered to Gaza, which is under Hamas control. The $320 million floating port, which is being built by the US Navy, was revealed earlier this year during Biden’s State of the Union speech in an attempt to appease the Democratic Party base’s pro-Hamas faction.

Based on Ryder’s remarks, the New York Post claimed that since the port’s completion last Thursday, “some trucks, operated by nongovernmental organizations tasked with delivering the aid to another staging area, had been ransacked by looters.” Only five of the sixteen trucks driven by the United Nations World Food Program reached their destinations on Saturday during relief delivery runs, according to a separate Associated Press story.

The remaining 11 trucks, according to UNWFP officials, were “commandeered” by a Palestinian mob.

Remember that on October 7, Hamas attacked Israel with great ferocity, resulting in the deaths of over 1,200 civilians? Since then, the terrorist organization with Iranian support has made an effort to portray itself as the victim of what it perceives to be Israel’s unjustified military reaction. Its misleading strategies have included exaggerated casualty figures, which the mainstream media has dutifully repeated.

A Predictable Trainwreck

Biden’s pier project was doomed to fail miserably from the beginning. The belief among its followers was that Hamas would allow any foreign assistance to reach Gazans, the vast majority of whom back the organization and the group’s onslaught on Israel on October 7.

The “Queers for Palestine” crowd misrepresents Hamas as a nonviolent terrorist group that has been carrying out horrendous atrocities against Israelis and other innocent civilians for many years. It would be equally stupid to trust that Hamas authorities will permit food and other supplies to reach the underprivileged and destitute as it would be to think Biden possesses the mental capacity required to govern the nation.

Additionally, Biden’s plan to construct a floating dock off the coast of Gaza needlessly endangers the lives of innocent people, including American service members. For instance, U.N. officials visiting the pier site were shot at by an unidentified terrorist organization operating in the area last month. Even though there were no injuries recorded, the episode shows how much of a risk Western authorities in the region were facing.

Any conscientious president would acknowledge the situation as it is and remove American forces from the area right away to prevent more casualties. Sadly, the inept foreign policy of the Biden administration has a history of resulting in the deaths of innocent American soldiers.

Recently, GreatGameIndia reported that nearly 70% of Gaza aid from a new $320 million US-built pier was stolen on Saturday en route to a U.N. warehouse, with only five out of sixteen trucks successfully delivering the aid.

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