More Evidence That Vitamin D Protects Against Severe COVID-19 Disease and Death

New research (read below) from Trinity College Dublin and University of Edinburgh has examined the association between vitamin D and COVID-19, and found that ambient ultraviolet B (UVB) radiation (which is key for vitamin D production in the skin) at an individual’s place of residence in the weeks before COVID-19 infection, was strongly protective against severe disease and death. The paper (read below) was published in the journal Scientific Reports September 14, 2021.

More Evidence That Vitamin D Protects Against Severe COVID-19 Disease and Death

Previous studies have linked vitamin D deficiency with an increased susceptibility to viral and bacterial respiratory infections.

Similarly, several observational studies found a strong correlation between vitamin D deficiency and COVID-19, but it could be that these effects are confounded and in fact a result of other factors, such as obesity, older age, or chronic illness which are also linked with low vitamin D.

To overcome this, researchers were able to calculate “genetically-predicted” vitamin D level, that is not confounded by other demographic, health, and lifestyle factors, by using the information from over one hundred genes that determine vitamin D status.

The Mendelian Randomisation is a particular analytical approach that enabled researchers to investigate whether vitamin D and COVID-19 might be causally linked using genetic data.

Few earlier studies attempted this but failed to show a causal link. This could be because UVB radiation sunshine which is the most important source of vitamin D for majority of people was ignored.

Researchers, for the first time, looked jointly at genetically-predicted and UVB-predicted vitamin D level.

Almost half a million individuals in the UK took part in the study, and ambient UVB radiation before COVID-19 infection was individually assessed for each participant.

When comparing the two variables, researchers found that correlation with measured vitamin D concentration in the circulation was three-fold stronger for UVB-predicted vitamin D level, compared to genetically-predicted.

Researchers found that ambient UVB radiation at an individual’s place of residence preceding COVID-19 infection was strongly and inversely associated with hospitalization and death.

This suggests that vitamin D may protect against severe COVID-19 disease and death.

Additionally, while the results from the Mendelian Randomisation analysis weren’t conclusive, some indication of a potential causal effect was noted.

Because of the relatively weak link between genetically-predicted vitamin D level that is used for Mendelian Randomisation analysis, it is possible that the number of cases in the current study was too small to convincingly determine causal effect, but future larger studies might provide the answer.

Professor Lina Zgaga, Associate Professor in Epidemiology, School of Medicine, Trinity College and senior researcher on the study said:

“Our study adds further evidence that vitamin D might protect against severe COVID-19 infection. Conducting a properly designed COVID-19 randomized controlled trial of vitamin D supplementation is critical.

Until then, given that vitamin D supplements are safe and cheap, it is definitely advisable to take supplements and protect against vitamin D deficiency, particularly with winter on the horizon.”

Professor Evropi Theodoratou, Professor of Cancer Epidemiology and Global Health, University of Edinburgh and senior researcher on the study said:

“Given the lack of highly effective therapies against COVID-19, we think it is important to remain open-minded to emerging results from rigorously conducted studies of vitamin D.”

Dr. Xue Li, a researcher on the study from Zhejiang University said:

“Our study supports the recommendation of vitamin D supplementation for not only the maintenance of bone and muscle health during the lock down, but also the potential benefits in relation to protection from COVID-19.”

Preliminary results from a study by the US Department of Homeland Security has shown that Sunlight kills Coronavirus.

Lab experiments showed that the coronavirus does not survive long in high temperatures and high humidity, and is quickly destroyed by sunlight, providing evidence from controlled tests.

In the wake of strict lockdown being imposed by governments globally, it bears upon the common people, thinkers, researchers and scientists to question whether such methods are indeed correct and singularly helpful in combating the outbreak of COVID-19.

While the World Health Organization and vested interests are busy pushing cartelized medicine and vaccines, what is not being told to people is that it is scientifically proven that fresh air and sunlight have been overpowering diseases since centuries – the Cure that time forgot.

Read the study below:

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  1. I began taking 5,000 units of D3 daily for one month and over time, have lowered that amount down to 1,000 units per day and take it in unison with K2 which helps to maintain bone health. D3 also provides energy for those who are suffering from low energy. There are a lot of herbs and alternative sources with which we can heal ourselves without ever having to go to a ‘pill pusher’. Try to find an independent doctor today. Nearly all doctors today belong to a large corporation which dictates to them how much time they can spend with a patient and what treatments they are to use. It’s ridiculous!! My doctor told me he is retiring next year and that the office would close and that he doubts that I will find anyone else to prescribe my medications as the CDC is working to remove all of those ‘kinds’ of medications. Since when do corporations and the CDC dictate what is or is not good for any single patient as no two people are alike.? I’m sick of it.

  2. Then Trump mentions UV and that it might work against covid. Once again they roared and more than a few hundred thousand online trolls laughed and joked about Trump sticking fluorescent tubes up his butt. We will ignore for the moment that fluorescent lighting doesn’t exactly have a lot of UV properties at all and will actually make you pale over time, … just ask anyone trapped in a cubicle 60 hours a week, who gets a blistering sunburn on his 3 day weekend lol. BUT, now there have been actual studies that CONFIRM what medical science has always known, … Fresh Air and SUNLIGHT is good for you and kills bacteria and fights disease. Hmmm, Who’d a thunk it ?? They LIED and People DIED !!

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  4. The lockdowns prevented outside fresh air and vitamin d… yeah I believe it.

    Also it worked in india:

    Each home kit contained the following: Paracetamol tablets [tylenol], Vitamin C, Multivitamin, Zinc, Vitamin D3, Ivermectin 12 mg [quantity #10 tablets], Doxycycline 100 mg [quantity #10 tablets]. Other non-medication components included face masks, sanitizer, gloves and alcohol wipes, a digital thermometer, and a pulse oximeter

    fact, no deaths have been reported from Uttar Pradesh in recent days. There are only 345 active cases in Uttar Pradesh now while Kerala’s figure is at 1.7 lakh – or 170,000.”

    “Kerala has done a much better job in vaccination coverage with 56% of its population being vaccinated with one dose and 20% of the population being fully vaccinated with a total of 2.66 crore – or 26.6 million – doses being administered. 

    Uttar Pradesh had given over 6.5 crore – or 65 million – doses, the maximum in the country, but only 25% of people have got their first dose while less than 5% of people are fully vaccinated. Given the present COVID numbers, Uttar Pradesh seems to be trumping Kerala for the tag of the most successful model against COVID.”

  5. Big Pharma Exec: “How do we shut down these alternative therapies that WORK?”
    Big Pharma Marketing: Hire spammers to say C-19 doesn’t exist to make them ALL look like Loons, like when they did the “no planes” theory to discredit those who didn’t believe the 9/11 “official story.”

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