The Cure That Time Forgot

In the wake of strict lockdown being imposed by governments globally, it bears upon the common people, thinkers, researchers and scientists to question whether such methods are indeed correct and singularly helpful in combating the outbreak of COVID-19. While the World Health Organization and vested interests are busy pushing cartelized medicine and vaccines, what is not being told to people is that it is scientifically proven that fresh air and sunlight have been overpowering diseases since centuries – the Cure that time forgot.


The Cure That Time Forgot
The Cure That Time Forgot. Tuberculosis patients from St Thomas’ hospital rest in their beds by the River Thames in May 1936, opposite the houses of parliament. Photograph: Fox Photos/Getty Images

The Open-Air Treatment of PANDEMIC INFLUENZA

It was common knowledge back even 200 years ago that fresh air and sunlight were important in treating flu like diseases. Among the earliest known advocates of this “open-air method” was English physician John Coakley Lettsome, who exposed children suffering from tuberculosis to sea air and sunshine at the Royal Sea Bathing Hospital in Kent, England, in 1791.

In the next century, another English physician George Bodington is well known to have propagated this method, in his work, “An essay on the treatment and cure of pulmonary consumption, on principles natural, rational and successful.” Bodington had noticed that farmers and shepherds, people who spent most of their time outdoors were far less susceptible to the tuberculosis than people who spent their time indoors.

He encouraged people to spend time outdoors and to live in well-ventilated houses. He argued against the use of drugs and the practice of confining in hot, poorly ventilated rooms to protect them from the supposedly harmful effect of cold air, “thus forcing them over and over again to breathe the same foul air contaminated with the disease effluvia of their own person.”

Broomfield Sanitorium in Essex, England
A nurse uses a spouted cup to feed a patient in the sunshine of an open air ‘ward’ of Broomfield Sanatorium, Chelmsford.

By the 1850s, Florence Nightingale was writing about the importance of sunlight and copious amounts of fresh air in the recovery of hospital patients.

In the decades following and thereafter open air sanitoria emerged in Germany, called the “Nordrach,”  and in Britain, enthusiastic imitations of the Nordrach opened, nearly numbering a hundred. Edward Livingston Trudeau opened America’s first sanatorium at Saranac Lake in New York State.

Fresh Air – a Natural Disinfectant

The notion of fresh air and sunlight in the fight against flus had taken such a hold that when influenza broke out in the early twentieth century in the United States, the Massachusetts State Guard responded by building the Camp Brooks Open Air Hospital at Corey Hill in Brookline, near Boston. The treatment at this hospital took place outdoors, with “a maximum of sunshine and of fresh air day and night.”

Influenza patients getting sunlight at the Camp Brooks emergency open-air hospital in Boston
Influenza patients getting sunlight at the Camp Brooks emergency open-air hospital in Boston

Inhaling clean air in a largely sterile environment could have only been better for patients compared to breathing in the air inside hospitals, filled with closed air from regular patients with all kinds of diseases. It would be logical to assume that these patients treated outdoors were less likely to be exposed to the infectious germs.

That fresh air acts as a strong disinfectant, was medically proven in the 1960s

In the 1960s, British Ministry of Defence scientists proved that fresh air is a natural disinfectant, which had something related to the Open Air Factor, which proved to be more harmful to airborne bacteria and influenza virus than indoor air.

The Cure that Time forgot

Ultraviolet blood irradiation (UBI) was extensively used in the 1940s and 1950s to treat many diseases including septicemia, pneumonia, tuberculosis, arthritis, asthma and even poliomyelitis. The early studies were carried out by several physicians in USA and published in the American Journal of Surgery. However with the development of antibiotics, the use of UBI declined and it has now been called “the cure that time forgot”. Later studies were mostly performed by Russian workers and in other Eastern countries, and the modern view in Western countries is that UBI remains highly controversial.

Low and mild doses of UV kill microorganisms by damaging the DNA, while any DNA damage in host cells can be rapidly repaired by DNA repair enzymes. With the recent emergence of bacteria that are resistant to all known antibiotics, UBI should be more investigated as an alternative approach to infections, and as an immune-modulating therapy.

Meanwhile, following this school of thought Americans are working on an ultraviolet light technology as a potential treatment for Coronavirus. The Healight Platform Technology (“Healight”) discovered and developed by scientists at Cedars-Sinai, is being studied as a potential first-in-class treatment for coronavirus.

UPDATE: Meanwhile, YouTube has taken down the official video on UV light tech for coronavirus and Twitter suspended their official account. However, the above video is still active. Let us know if it gets taken down.

Research being neglected in the outbreak of COVID-19

The U.S. Department of Homeland Security has recently conducted a study, which shows that sunlight kills coronavirus. Lab experiments showed that the virus does not survive long in high temperatures and high humidity, and is quickly destroyed by sunlight.

This study backs up the findings of Dr. Cameron Kyle-Sidell treating COVID-19 patients in New York City’s Maimonides Medical Center, who claims that COVID-19 patients need Oxygen therapy, not ventilators.

Likewise, the natural synthesis of vitamin D in the body upon exposure to sunlight is mitigated tremendously in these times of lockdown. It is vital that one stays physically active and alert and that essential minerals and vitamins be consumed in adequate quantity. A study from Northwestern University, Illinois, U.S. on a dataset of 3,848 subjects has shown that adequate consummation of vitamin D reduces the risk of contracting COVID-19 by 15%.

Grossly neglected also are studies on herd immunity. Herd immunity occurs when a large percentage of a population has developed immunity to an infection, whether through previous infections or vaccinations, thereby protecting individuals who are not immune. This is akin to a chink in the chain breaking a chain reaction.

In a population in which a large proportion of individuals possess immunity, such people being unlikely to contribute to disease transmission, chains of infection are more likely to be disrupted, which either stops or slows the spread of disease.

Stanford Medicine researchers are studying this apparent phenomenon in California, where positive cases are fewer by many order of magnitude than New York. California has 1,268 deaths as of 22nd April, compared to a far less populous New York, which has 10,977 deaths from COVID-19.

As an accomplished trial attorney Kilroy J. Oldster puts it, “Using reason without applying it to experience only leads to theoretical illusions. Ideas derived from real world experiences lead to acquisition of knowledge, and the accumulation of time-tested principles leads to wisdom. Examination of our past is never time-wasting. Reverberations from the past provide learning rubrics for living today.”

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