How COVID-19 Vaccine Induced Spike Protein Change Cells In Your Heart Disrupting Its Regular Function

According to a new study, the COVID-19 vaccine induced spike protein could change cells in your heart disrupting its regular function.

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How COVID-19 Vaccine Induced Spike Protein Change Cells In Your Heart Disrupting Its Regular Function

Researchers have found a concerning link between certain heart cells and the spike protein of SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19. The mRNA vaccines tell our cells to create similar spike proteins found on the surface of SARS-COV-2 virus.

This spike protein appears to change cells in the small blood vessels around the heart, disrupting their regular function.

The pre-print study (read below), was presented at the European Society of Cardiology Congress and shows that the spike protein binds to cells called pericytes.

These cells line the small vessels of the heart as well as other places around the human body. When the binding occurs, the pericytes begin to release chemicals that cause inflammation to the organ.

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In the study, the team took small vessel cells from the heart and exposed them to the spike protein. The protein is used by the virus to attach itself to the cells.

Once the virus’s position is secured, the virus merges with the cell membrane, releasing its genetic material. This highjacks the cellular machinery, which begins replicating the virus, which then bursts out and spreads to other cells.

“This mechanism has the potential to spread cellular and organ injury beyond the infection sites and may have important clinical implications.

For instance, in patients with disrupted endothelial barrier and increased vascular permeability due to underlying diseases, such as hypertension, diabetes, and severe obesity, S protein molecules could easily spread to the PC compartment and cause, or exacerbate, microvascular injury,” the authors wrote in the paper.

“Blocking the CD147 receptor may help protect the vasculature of the most vulnerable patients from infection and the collateral damage caused by the S protein.”

If the spike protein alone is capable of affecting cells’ behavior, it’s concerning. It suggests that even cells that are not being infected can be harmed by the vaccine induced spike proteins.

The team found that by blocking the CD147 receptor on those cells, they reduce the effect of the spike protein on the pericytes, although there was still inflammation.

Pericytes are found all over the body, including the brain and central nervous system. If the mechanism can be stopped in patients it might reduce the complication and further investigations might produce better ways to stop the spike protein.

As reported by GreatGameIndia earlier, a shocking study has revealed the terrifying dangers of mRNA COVID-19 vaccines inducing prion-based disease causing your brain to degenerate progressively.

The mRNA vaccine induced prions may cause neurodegenerative diseases because long-term memories are maintained by prion-like proteins. The study concluded that mRNA based vaccine may also cause ALS, front temporal lobar degeneration, Alzheimer’s disease and other neurological degenerative diseases in the vaccine recipients.

The spike protein outer shell of the coronavirus contains “prion-like regions” that give the virus very high adhesion to ACE2 receptors in the human body.

This special relationship between the S protein and ACE2 receptor is the key to cross-species infection which made it possible for the coronovirus to make a jump from animals to humans.

However, this cross-species jump was not natural and was achieved by the team lead by the Batwoman of China, Shi Zhengli. You can read more about it in detail in COVID19 Files – Scientific Investigation On Mysterious Origin Of Coronavirus.

This is what Batwoman of China had to say when GreatGameIndia exposed the research done in Wuhan Institute of Virology.

It was funded under gain-of-function experiments through Peter Daszak, the President of EcoHealth Alliance by the US Government.

Recently, more than 900 pages of newly released top secret documents on the pandemic exposed for the first time through official materials how the US funded deadly coronavirus research at the Wuhan lab through EcoHealth Alliance.

Read the study below:

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  2. The media’s control of the narrative –

    Same Fear, Different Year

    Video: The Spike Protein Injection. No Such Thing as a “Delta Variant”. It’s a Fallacy
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  3. Pirbright institute in UK was patenting a chimeric S protein.

    Creating new pathogens by combing proteins to which dont exist in the wild is pure terrorism and these labs and patents need to be forbidden and destroyed.

    Patent# 8,828,407 chimaeric protein

    United States Patent8,828,407Britton ,   et al.September 9, 2014Chimaeric protein


    The present invention provides a chimaeric coronavirus S protein which is based on an S protein from a coronavirus strain with restricted tissue tropism, but which comprises at least part of the S2 subunit from a coronavirus strain with extended tissue tropism, such that a virus comprising the chimaeric S protein has extended tissue tropism. The present invention also provides a virus comprising such a chimaeric S protein.

    Inventors:Britton; Paul (Hungerford, GB), Bickerton; Erica (Oxford, GB), Armesto; Maria (San Sebastian, ES)Applicant:NameCityStateCountryType
    Britton; Paul
    Bickerton; Erica
    Armesto; Maria
    San Sebastian
    ESAssignee:The Pirbright Institute (Pirbright, GB)
    Family ID:41022290Appl. No.:13/382,119Filed:July 5, 2010PCT Filed:July 05, 2010PCT No.:PCT/GB2010/001293371(c)(1),(2),(4) Date:March 29, 2012PCT Pub. No.:WO2011/004146PCT Pub. Date:January 13, 2011Prior Publication DataDocument IdentifierPublication DateUS 20120177675 A1Jul 12, 2012

    Patent#10,130,701 coronavirus

    United States Patent10,130,701Bickerton ,   et al.November 20, 2018Coronavirus


    The present invention provides a live, attenuated coronavirus comprising a variant replicase gene encoding polyproteins comprising a mutation in one or more of non-structural protein(s) (nsp)-10, nsp-14, nsp-15 or nsp-16. The coronavirus may be used as a vaccine for treating and/or preventing a disease, such as infectious bronchitis, in a subject.

    Inventors:Bickerton; Erica (Woking, GB), Keep; Sarah (Woking, GB), Britton; Paul (Woking, GB)Applicant:NameCityStateCountryType
    Pirbright, Woking
    GBAssignee:THE PIRBRIGHT INSTITUTE (Woking, Pirbright, GB)
    Family ID:51494985Appl. No.:15/328,179Filed:July 23, 2015PCT Filed:July 23, 2015PCT No.:PCT/GB2015/052124371(c)(1),(2),(4) Date:January 23, 2017PCT Pub. No.:WO2016/012793PCT Pub. Date:January 28, 2016Prior Publication DataDocument IdentifierPublication Date

    Of course England is where the ” the City of London” is and Rothschild many central investment banks.

  4. Another chimeric protein patent related to DNA and host from Pirbright uk.

    Patent 8455201 pirbright institute 

    Inventors:Britton; Paul (Hungerford, GB), Bickerton; Erica (Oxford, GB), Armesto; Maria (San Sebastian, ES)Applicant:NameCityStateCountryType
    Britton; Paul
    Bickerton; Erica
    Armesto; Maria
    San Sebastian
    ESAssignee:The Pirbright Institute (Pirbright, GB)
    Family ID:41022290Appl. No.:13/382,119Filed:July 5, 2010PCT Filed:July 05, 2010PCT No.:PCT/GB2010/001293371(c)(1),(2),(4) Date:March 29, 2012PCT Pub. No.:WO2011/004146PCT Pub. Date:January 13, 2011

    A method for making a recombining virus encoding an infectious bronchitis virus comprising a chimaeric S protein, comprising: (i) transfecting a plasmid according to claim 9 into a host cell; (ii) infecting the host cell with a recombining virus comprising a DNA sequence encoding the genome of the IBV strain with restricted tissue tropism, lacking at least part of the S2 subunit; (iii) allowing homologous recombination to occur between the S gene sequences in the plasmid and the corresponding sequences in the recombining virus genome to produce a chimaeric S gene; and (iv) selecting for recombining virus comprising the chimaeric S gene, wherein the chimaeric S gene comprises a nucleotide sequence that encodes a chimaeric S protein, wherein the chimaeric S protein comprises the S1 domain of an IBV strain with restricted tropism that is unable to grow on a cell line, and comprises at least part of the S2 domain from an IBV strain with extended tropism that is able to grow on said cell line, such that an IBV comprising the chimaeric S protein is able to grow on said cell line.
    The method according to claim 13, wherein the recombining virus is a vaccinia virus.
    The method according to claim 13 which further comprises: (v) recovering recombinant IBV comprising the chimaeric S gene from the DNA from the recombining virus from step (iv).
    An isolated cell transfected with a plasmid according to claim 9 or infected with the virus of claim 11.
    A cell according to claim 16 that is a Vero cell.
    A composition comprising an infectious bronchitis virus according to claim 10 and a pharmaceutically acceptable diluent, adjuvant, excipient, or carrier.
    A vaccine comprising an infectious bronchitis virus according to claim 10.
    A method for treating and/or preventing IBV in a subject which comprises the step of administering a vaccine according to claim 19 to the subject.

  5. While the outcomes may be correct, the chain of custody for the SARS-COV-2 spike protein is not.
    A big jump in host transmission
    origin and obviously sabotage prejudicial Indian research.
    Only sadly obfuscating protocol.

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