British Govt Recruited Comedians & Youtubers For Secret PsyOps Campaign Targeting NATO Members

The mainstream media has totally blacked out the crucial story about the recents leaks by hacktivist Anonymous that exposed the British government’s massive campaign to infiltrate civil society at every level where they recruited Comedians and Youtubers for secret psyops campaign targeting NATO members.

British Govt Recruited Comedians & Youtubers For Secret PsyOps Campaign Targeting NATO Members

Proposal to infiltrate civil society at every level was given by Albany Associates, the contractor for UK Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office (FCDO). 

London and Washington consider the Baltic states and all the members of NATO, strategically vital as they are home to a sizable Russian speaking population.

Along with Albany, another firm that is running FCDO-funded psyops is Zinc Network.

According to the leaks, the extensive proposals submitted in response to FCDO tender pledged to “build a vibrant and innovative independent media sector” in the Baltic states, “which aligns credible brands, online communities of interest, and quality content to service highly specific audience segments.” 

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Recruitment and promotion of stand-up comedians is one of the covert strategies to make the anti-Russian propaganda effective.

This campaign is managed by personalities like Urve Eslas. She is the current adviser of former Estonian president Toomas Hendrik Ilves.

Toomas Hendrik Ilves is now the Estonian ambassador to the US and had also monitored US-state run propaganda network, Radio Free Europe.

Eslas also manages the foreign and domestic communications of the former leader, including his “information exchanges with the media, the public and other stakeholders.”

Zinc Network claims that it conducted extensive analysis of Russian-speakers in the Baltics, and have identified two distinct groups therein – “settlers” and “hunter-gatherers.”

The “settlers” representing almost 30 percent of the Russophone population, “tend to be monolingual, typically older generations who live in tightly-knit, trusting communities with a shared culture, history and identity.”

The company saw an opportunity to “capitalise” on the “close-knit community ties” of these “settlers,” by “tapping into the high levels of trust they have in locally-shared content, by building the capacity of hyper-local outlets to produce news content they trust and that resonates,” and in the process “harness their social networks.”

“The key to unlocking this target audience is to build hyper-local brands which can tap into this communities’ strong social relationships and online sharing behaviours in order ‘de-couple’ where they get entertainment content from and where they get trusted news,” Zinc Network claimed.

“Target media could include local community pages on social media platforms popular among older demographics such as [Russia’s Facebook alternative] and [similar to Friends Reunited], local news websites, and digital and analogue FM radio stations,” Zinc stated.

“We will work with them to pool resources and content, helping them create digital strategies which can leverage the sharing habits and online networks of our settler audiences.”

Remaining 70 percent of the target audience, “hunter-gatherers” were said to be multilingual, “typically younger individuals more integrated into wider society.”

Residing in Baltic state capitals, consuming news and entertainment “in multiple languages via multiple digital channels”, using “on-demand services” and social media, “or even individual journalists or influencers as a way of recommending content in order to navigate media.”

In order to manipulate this audience, Zinc pledged to “build the reach and influence of exciting Russian-speaking journalists and media personalities, including emigre and exile journalists from Russia who have followings amongst different sections of the Russophone community.”

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