Fully Vaccinated Mom Gives Birth To Baby Bleeding From Mouth And Nose Dies Day After Says VAERS Report

A fully vaccinated mom recently gave birth to a baby bleeding from mouth and nose according to VAERS report. The baby died a day after birth. The infant’s father stated his open suspicion that the vaccine was related to the death.

Fully Vaccinated Mom Gives Birth To Baby Bleeding From Mouth And Nose Dies Day After Says VAERS Report

The baby, whose mother was vaccinated twice against COVID-19 during the last trimester of pregnancy, started bleeding from his mouth and nose and died a day after birth, according to report addressed to the U.S. government’s Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System from a foreign “regulatory authority.”

Following his mother receiving two doses of experimental mRNA Moderna shots on July 19 and August 13, the baby boy was born into the world on October 6, 2021. He was delivered with a weight of 2,800 grams (just over six pounds, two ounces) in the hospital following a labor marked by an unstable fetal heartbeat despite him being due on only October 15.

“The doctor said that after the patient was born, there was a cry. When the umbilical cord was cut for newborn care, the nursing staff found that the patient had symptoms of oral and nose bleeding, and immediately asked the pediatrician to intubate and give him oxygen, and he was admitted to the NICU,” according to the report received by the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) on November 18 from an unidentified foreign health agency.

“In the NICU, his result of examination showed abnormal blood coagulation, pulmonary hemorrhage [acute bleeding from the lungs], and cardiac dysfunction.”

Fully Vaccinated Mom Gives Birth To Baby Bleeding From Mouth And Nose Dies Day After Says VAERS Report

According to the VAERS report (number 1879991) on death subsequent to “transplacental exposure” to the mRNA vaccine, it remains unknows if an autopsy was performed and if any cause of death was documented, but the infant’s father stated his open suspicion that the vaccine was related to the death.

The infant death is one of 52 reported deaths among 30,550 adverse events recorded by VAERS for children under 17 years old as of December 3.

Bleeding Disorders after Vaccination

Bleeding disorders have been described in thousands of VAERS reports, including 2,177 deaths soon after Covid vaccination. A number of these reports include descriptions of patients with nosebleeds, blood in the stool from gastric bleeding, brain bleeds, bruising, and bleeding from the mouth.

Another VAERS report describes a five-month-old breastfed baby who died of a rare autoimmune bleeding disease called Thrombotic Thrombocytopenic Purpura (TTP) after developing a rash the day after his mother receiving the Covid vaccine.

The reports of TTP among the people who have been vaccinated with AstraZeneca and Johnson & Johnson’s vaccines have been numerous.

A Norwegian study estimated the number of cases as one per 26,000 vaccine doses. If that percentage were applied to the 76 million American children who were vaccinated, 2,923 children would have a fatal bleeding disorder.

Spike protein in breastmilk?

According to VAERS report a breastfeeding baby died of blood clots and inflamed arteries weeks after his mother was given the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine. The case was the second known account of a breastfeeding baby dying of blood clots from vaccine, at the time.

In the report to the vaccine adverse event system, the mother questioned the role of the vaccine in her baby’s death.

“I am curious if the spike protein could have gone through the breast milk and caused an inflammatory response in my child. They say Kawasaki disease presents very similarly to the Multi-System Inflammatory Syndrome in children that they are seeing in post Covid infections,” she said.

“However, if they know that antibodies go through the breastmilk as a good thing, then why wouldn’t the spike protein also go through the breastmilk and potentially cause problems.”

In May, GreatGameIndia published a story on the VAERS entry regarding the death of a 2-year-old from Pfizer vaccine. Since, the vaccination trials were only for children from age 5 to 11 officially, we asked “how come a 2 year old baby got vaccinated” and that “the incident should be investigated by CDC immediately.” Later, the CDC has removed the VAERS entry without providing any details.

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