Univ Of North Texas Offers ‘Fake Genitalia’

According to the University of North Texas, the closet that offers ‘fake genitalia’ is described as a project of UNT’s “Pride Alliance” office.

The University of North Texas, a taxpayer-funded institution, has been providing students with fake genitalia, chest binders, and clothing of the opposite gender through their “OUTfits Clothing Closet.”

According to the university’s description of the closet, it is a project of UNT’s “Pride Alliance” office. All items are donated to the university and are “free of charge” for any student to access year-round.

Currently, approximately 1,000 mentally ill students a year are using this closet to pretend to be the opposite gender.

The Denton university hires a student assistant to be the “point person” for the closet, where they maintain “OUTfits” and help other students find clothing, accessories, and faux genitalia of the opposite gender.

Through this closet, UNT offers students chest binders for female students and bra packers for male students. They also offer top-surgery pillows for those who opt to have their healthy breasts surgically removed to fit their new persona.

“Packers”—prosthetic faux male genitalia—are also offered to female students who wish to appear as though they have a bulge under their pants.

On top of that, OUTfits also provides clothing and underwear for students who want to present themselves as the opposite gender. They also offer makeup for males who want their faces to look more “feminine.”

According to an email Jamal King, assistant director of the Pride Alliance, sent to The College Fix, UNT’s Pride Alliance office has expanded this project beyond the campus.

“We’ve worked with a number of campuses around the country and here in Texas to give additional support in creating free clothing resources for students,” wrote King.

Experts have told The Epoch Times that ‘child-friendly’ drag events like “Drag Queen Story Hour,” which initially appeared in San Francisco, can expose children to sex offenders.

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