How ‘Child-Friendly’ Drag Events Can Expose Children To Sex Offenders

Experts have told The Epoch Times that ‘child-friendly’ drag events like “Drag Queen Story Hour,” which initially appeared in San Francisco, can expose children to sex offenders.

Children cheer as drag performers dance at the Chattanooga Pride parade in Chattanooga, Tenn., on Oct. 2, 2022. (Jackson Elliott/The Epoch Times)

Drag events targeting children can be a hunting ground for sexual predators, according to a therapist with a long career in treating sexual predators.

A relatively recent phenomenon “Drag Queen Story Hour,” which first appeared in San Francisco, now is happening around the nation—at public libraries, in eateries, at performance venues, in parades, and even at schools.

These events often include men in women’s clothing performing erotic dances, wearing skimpy or suggestive costumes, and telling sexually charged jokes.

These shows sometimes mask sexual predators and facilitate the sexual grooming of children, experts told The Epoch Times.

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‘Significant Risk to Women and Children’

Jon Uhler, a therapist who treats sex offenders, says that in his experience if a man feels comfortable performing sexual dance in a skimpy women’s outfit for children, he’s likely extremely sexually deviant and “poses a significant risk to women and children.”

Epoch Times Photo
Jon Uhler. (Courtesy of Jon Uhler)

Uhler told The Epoch Times that men who want to perform for kids in sexy women’s outfits have likely watched hundreds of hours of deviant pornography that reshapes the brain to become a sexual predator.

Men don’t become sexual predators all at once, Uhler said.

Sexual deviancy requires a slow descent over time into deeper and deeper levels of evil, he said.

“The issue is deviance,” Uhler said. “It always has been throughout human history.”

Uhler draws his experience from 15 years spent treating hundreds of sex offenders, working with more than 4,000 sex offenders in several contexts, and spending more than 13,000 clinical contact hours with sex offenders.

He said he has treated sex offenders both inside and outside of prison.

All the men he has worked with eventually admitted they did porn, he added.

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