Ukraine Conflict is Part of US’ 30-Year-Long War on Russia

President of Eritrea, Isaias Afwerki, told Sputnik that the Ukraine conflict is part of the US’ 30-year-long war on Russia.

The Russo-Ukrainian conflict is in reality a war declared by NATO and waged by Washington against Moscow over the past 30 years, President of Eritrea Isaias Afwerki told Sputnik.

Eritrea, a Horn of Africa nation located on the Red Sea coast, became one of five states to vote against the Western-sponsored anti-Russia resolution in the UN General Assembly in March 2022, after the beginning of Moscow’s special operation to demilitarize and de-Nazify Ukraine.

Later, the African state resolutely condemned the West’s unprecedented sanctions regime weaponized against Russia. So what’s behind Eritrea’s firm stance?

“This is not because we are doing any favors to the Russian Federation,” President Afwerki told Sputnik Africa. “This idea of ‘war in Ukraine’ or ‘war between the Russian Federation and Ukraine’ is not true at all. This is a war declared by NATO and Washington against the Russian Federation for the last 30 years. And Russia has a right to defend itself. You can’t force or even use force, all sorts of coercion, to subdue nations. This is not acceptable. This is the law of the jungle. We need to get out of this law of the jungle and people will have to be free to live like human beings. Our position was very clear. We are against containment. We are against the domination or hegemony of one nation. We can’t accept it. And our support for the Russian Federation against these hegemonic policies was a natural phenomenon or outcome of what we did also.”

According to the president, this story actually began immediately after the end of the Cold War and the collapse of the USSR. At the time, the US had its unipolar moment. Washington decided to prolong this moment as long as possible by imposing its control upon the world and dividing it into its spheres of influence. What the US did at the time was not just about expanding its influence, according to the president: Washington resorted to outright containment of other nations. As per Afwerki, this containment policy is akin to a declaration of war.

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Putin and his cronies accuse Ukraine of “increasingly reckless behavior” and “terrorism” after drone attacks near the wealthy Moscow region, despite the despot’s war that has killed thousands of innocent people.

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  1. The US thirty year war on Russia???


    Why not start back a few more decades and include what the Soviets started including commie inspired revolutions across the WORLD!!! Pooties has simply pulled out ole Stalin’s mantle and tried to continue his policies including devastating eastern Ukraine because the country didn’t kiss his ass. Using the old Soviet military strategy and tactics hasn’t been working out well either.

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  4. Yeah start from few centuries.. hope your parents taught how French revolution started or the Russian or the Chinese…or even the EuroMaidan 2014..this will educate you to act like a normal person rather like a joker in public platform. United Snakes of A$$holes and gays from Europe are a nuisance in the new world order and their very existence is a cruse on mother earth. The history of anglo saxon is all about wars, plunders, rape, take a look since world war II ended….a brief wars fought….
    Japan (1945)
    Korea and China (1950-53)
    Guatemala (1954)
    Indonesia (1958)
    Cuba (1959-61)
    Guatemala (1960)
    Congo (1964)
    Laos (1964-73)
    Vietnam (1961-73)
    Cambodia (1969-70)
    Guatemala (1967-69)
    Grenada (1983)
    Lebanon (1983-84)
    Libya (1986)
    El Salvador (1980’s)
    Nicaragua (1980’s)
    Iran (1987)
    Panama (1989)
    Iraq (1991)
    Kuwait (1991)
    Somalia (1993)
    Bosnia (1994-95)
    Sudan (1998)
    Afghanistan (1998)
    Yugoslavia (1999)
    Yemen (2002)
    Iraq (1991-2015)
    Afghanistan (2001-15)
    Pakistan (2007-15)
    Syria (2011 – cont))
    Libya (2011)
    Ukraine (2014 – cont)

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