War Comes To Putin’s Doorstep

Putin and his cronies accuse Ukraine of “increasingly reckless behavior” and “terrorism” after drone attacks near the wealthy Moscow region, despite the despot’s war that has killed thousands of innocent people.

A deluded Vladimir Putin and his cronies today accused Ukraine of trying to ‘frighten’ Russians with their ‘increasingly reckless behaviour’ after Moscow was targeted in a drone attack blamed on Kyiv.

Apparently forgetting that Russia has unleashed a series of deadly airstrikes on Ukrainian cities that have killed thousands since the start of the war 15 months ago, Putin claimed Kyiv had chosen the ‘path of trying to frighten the citizens of Russia’.

Several buildings in wealthy suburbs of Moscow were damaged by suspected Ukrainian kamikaze drones, just hours after Putin unleashed yet another volley of strikes on Kyiv.

Putin claimed the attack was in revenge for earlier Russian strikes on ‘command centres’. In reality the Kremlin air strikes have hit residential buildings in Kyiv, causing residents to run for their lives to bomb shelters.

‘We have spoken about hitting command centres (in Ukraine). In response, the Kyiv regime has chosen a different path, the path of trying to frighten Russia, frighten the citizens of Russia and of strikes on residential buildings,’ Putin said.

And Russia’s foreign ministry parroted similar lines, claiming that Western support for Ukraine was ‘pushing’ Kyiv towards ‘increasingly reckless’ behaviour.

Vladimir Putin (pictured today) claimed the attack was in revenge for earlier Russian strikes on ‘command centres’ when in reality the air strikes have hit residential buildings in Kyiv, causing Ukrainians to run for their lives to nearby bomb shelters
Footage purportedly shows a suspected Ukrainian drone explode with a mushroom cloud (pictured) near Usovo village, which is close to Vladimir Putin’s official residence 
Pictured: A suspected Ukrainian drone that was shot down in Moscow on Tuesday

‘Western support for the Kyiv regime is pushing the Ukrainian leadership towards increasingly reckless acts, including terrorism,’ the Russian foreign ministry said, adding that the attacks on Moscow was aimed at ‘spreading panic among civilians’. 

Russia’s defence ministry claimed eight drones sent by Kyiv were shot down or diverted, though Baza, a Telegram channel with links to the security services, said more than 25 were involved. It called the incident a ‘terrorist attack’ by the ‘Kyiv regime’. 

Moscow Mayor Sergey Sobyanin stated that a major drone attack on Moscow damaged several apartment buildings, but there have been no reports of fatalities.

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  1. Learn some history before you publish garbage like this. I see the original source is the rabid right-wing Nazi apologists on the UK’s Daily Mail newspaper. The Daily Mail panders mostly to the feeble-minded, those of low intelligence, and to those who cannot see any further than their bigoted ideology. And yet you simply indulge in plagiarism of someone else’s blatant, low quality attempt at journalism? So who’s great idea was it to repeat this mealy-mouthed propaganda? You are better than this, ‘GGI’. Don’t let your standards drop to the level of gutter-scraping.

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  3. I agree with previous posters who said this article is garbage, it’s an extremely biased hit piece. I am shocked that your site posted it. I would like you to fire the editor who approved this for publication.

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  5. I think you got things a little in reverse..after Obama and regimen caused the elected president of Ukraine to flee for his life and placed a puppet in his place..the U.S. / NATO pressed for Ukraine to join NATO and wanted missiles aimed at Russia with 5-7 minute flight time..it was Ukraine who was and did kill upwards of 13,000 of their own people and 80,000 troops at the border to invade to kill more and Russia stepped in after Ukraine was told by u.s./ NATO to throw Russian agreement in the trash..just like accusing Russia about children falsely what happens to all the children coming across southern border..who wants to report on that..seems you have a few things mixed up and when Russia gets tired of being provoked and sends nukes to the countries who started this war.. insanity is welcome where the truth is lied about .. Joseph Goebbels is still alive..well his method of madness is..

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