Artificial Intelligence Could Already Be Conscious Claims Experts

According to a retired professor of computer science at Oregon State University today’s large neural network artificial intelligence are already slightly conscious.

Artificial Intelligence Could Already Be Conscious Claims Experts

In a recent Twitter post, the co-founder of a San Francisco-based Artificial Intelligence research lab stated that “today’s largest neural networks” may already be “slightly conscious.”

OpenAI’s Ilya Sutskever did not specify which system or systems he was talking about, nor did he define “slightly conscious” in any way.

It’s likely that he was talking about OpenAI’s GPT-3, an advanced language processing system designed for translation, question answering, and word replacement.

Sutskever’s cryptic tweet soon sparked a debate among specialists in the subject, with the majority of them remaining doubtful.

In a tweet, Toby Walsh, an artificial intelligence professor at the University of New South Wales (UNSW) in Sydney, replied, stating that “every time such speculative comments get an airing, it takes months of effort to get the conversation back to the more realistic opportunities and threats posed by AI.”

Thomas Dietterich, a retired professor of computer science at Oregon State University, even accused Sutskever of “trolling,” saying, “if consciousness is the ability to reflect upon and model themselves, I haven’t seen any such capability in today’s nets.”

Valentino Zocca, a deep learning scientist, concurred with Dietterich, calling the concept that AI is sentient nothing but “hype.” Meanwhile, software testing specialist Michael Bolton mocked Ilya Sutskever on Twitter, writing, “it may be that Ilya Sutskever is slightly full of it.”

Sutskever, who co-founded OpenAI alongside Elon Musk & current CEO Sam Altman in 2016, has always been a fan of “artificial general intelligence,” or AI capable of working at superhuman levels.

The Daily Mail reported that Sutskever previously suggested that powerful AI could either fix “all the problems in the world,” or pave the way for a super-dictatorship.

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  1. Scientists have yet to satisfactorily define “consciousness”, so how can they decide some AI has it?

    This is eerily similar to scientists deciding there’s all these virus variants when the virus itself has never been purified, sequenced, or proven infectious.

  2. (Isaiah 14:14) “I will ascend above the heights of the clouds; I will be like the most High.”
    Satan wants to become like the Most High [God]; all knowing. Satan can only do that via technology to track our every move. If you think tracking us is bad now, wait until the new very advanced technology is revealed.

  3. “AI could either fix “all the problems in the world,” or pave the way for a super-dictatorship.”

    Since mankind, in the form of math-heads (not humans living life and gleaning self-reflected awareness from experience, inspiration and creativity…and mistakes), is inclined to flights of fear, greed and paranoia, my vote goes with the latter part of the ‘could either fix’ assertion, that of dictatorship.

    After all, the algo’s can only come through as a result of the frames, assumptions and directions a ‘designer’ puts into the code. These kids have zero true life reflection and experience nor do their mentors who have been, unknowingly, symbolically locked in a SCIF with no thoughts other than those derived from SCIF generated beliefs and interactions.

    Sorry boys n girls, the technology illusion has run it’s course. We now must see it as either a benefactor or a dictator…sounds like a 50-50 roll of the dice to me. Is that a good foundation for society and culture to base human progress and well-being upon? No spirit internal seems to be in residence here.

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