Trump Special Counsel Prosecutor Karen Gilbert Has Long ‘History Of Corruption’

Trump Special Counsel Prosecutor Karen Gilbert, who is also a deputy to Special Counsel Jack Smith and a federal prosecutor, has a long history of corruption.

Karen Gilbert, a Justice Department prosecutor who is leading the government’s case against former President Donald Trump related to his handling of allegedly classified documents, has a history of corruption and was once reprimanded by a federal judge for secretly recording a defense lawyer and his investigator.

Gilbert, who is Special Counsel Jack Smith’s deputy and a federal prosecutor, is  “one of the most corrupt prosecutors to ever come out of the Southern District of Miami,” according to Kash Patel, a former top Trump administration official and also a former prosecutor.

“The lead prosecutor Karen Gilbert, who is likely to be the trial attorney in the Southern District of Florida, in 2009 was so reprimanded in a narcotics trafficking case that she had to retire from her position,” Patel said in a Fox News interview on Friday.

“Years later, she was promoted upwards at the DOJ,” he said. “She is the Weissman to Jack Smith and she has been pulling the reins on this investigation,” he said, in reference to Andrew Weissman, who was the aggressive deputy to former Special Counsel Robert Mueller.

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According to a March 27, 2009, Associated Press report, Gilbert resigned as chief of the narcotics section of the Miami U.S. attorney’s office after she and another prosecutor were involved in the secret tape recording of a defense lawyer and his investigator.

The Justice Department later said in a filing that it “deeply regrets” the incident and that internal safeguards were not followed, according to the report. “The government acknowledges and deeply regrets that it made serious mistakes,” Robert Senior, then-chief of the Miami U.S. attorney’s criminal division, wrote, according to the report.

In that case, the defendant, Dr. Ali Shaygan, was acquitted of all 141 counts claiming he illegally prescribed pain medications. Two witnesses in the case were asked to record conversations with the defense lawyer and his investigator, but Gilbert did not seek permission from then-U.S. Attorney R. Alexander Acosta or from other senior officials, nor did she “disclose to the defense that the witnesses were cooperating with the government.”

According to another report by the Miami Herald, Gilbert and the other prosecutor began “a secret, undisclosed side investigation of Shaygan’s legal team, citing a suspicion of witness tampering on the part of the defense.”

A new poll from Issues & Insights and TIPP suggests that a majority of Americans want the corrupt FBI to be reformed or ‘shut down’.

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