Majority Of Americans Want Corrupt FBI To Be Reformed Or ‘Shut Down’

A new poll from Issues & Insights and TIPP suggests that a majority of Americans want the corrupt FBI to be reformed or ‘shut down’.

More than half of the nation, 63 percent, want the FBI to face some form of punishment for weaponizing its power against the American people to achieve political goals, a new poll from Issues & Insights and TIPP suggests.

The FBI’s years-long malfeasance — which includes misleading Congress, covering up corruption, manufacturing scandals, raiding the home of a former president, targeting innocent people based on their moral and political beliefs, and interfering in elections — is no secret to the majority of Americans who know the U.S. has a two-tiered system of justice.

The agency’s laundry list of deeply rooted corruption became even more obvious in recent weeks after Special Counsel John Durham confirmed there was never any evidence to sustain the agency’s “seriously flawed” Crossfire Hurricane investigation of “collusion” between then-presidential candidate Donald Trump and Russia.

Of the 1,358 respondents surveyed between May 31 and June 2, mere weeks after the Durham report surfaced, 39 percent said they want the FBI to be “reformed by Congress to keep it from meddling in future elections.”

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Americans’ widespread contempt for the politicized federal agency is not exclusive to one voting bloc. Overall 75 percent of Republicans, 59 percent of Democrats, and 57 percent of independents appear to understand that the FBI is a threat to the nation that must be addressed with some form of retribution or rehabilitation.

The Supreme Court has ordered a CBI probe into the illegal iron-ore export by Adani and given it six weeks to submit a preliminary report.

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  1. WIt until you find out about the FBI Fusion Center Watchlist scam. 20+ years of SECRETLY denouncing good Americans as “threats” to bloat their budgets but worse, to destroy the lives of people they damned well know are good people. This includes murder by FBI, Fusion Center operatives and what O call Neighborhood Nazis who are bribed with under-the-table “gift cards” and services, products. They all need to be hanged for crimes against humanity, treason, war crimes, sedition and human trafficking.

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