The Night Light Robbery: How LED Bulb Industry Ensures That We Keep Buying

The LED bulb industry ensures that we keep buying more LED bulbs. If we don’t have to replace our light bulbs, then we will not need to buy new LED bulbs, which will cause the LED bulb industry to shrink drastically.

“A promise is a promise”. That was one of the famous statements of Ratan Tata when he launched the Tata Nano, after a few years of delay and cost overruns. The Tata Nano was launched at Rs 99,000, ex-showroom, to reflect the promise made several years ago that it would be a Rs 1 lakh car. In spite of inflation, and several price-related challenges, Ratan Tata stuck to his promise.

So, what does Ratan Tata’s promise have to do with the “nightlight” robbery? The problem is that LED light manufacturers had made a promise that their product will last anywhere between 30,000 hours to 50,000 hours. If an LED lightbulb is kept switched on for four hours a day, every day, then 30,000 hours of life roughly translates to over 20 years. This may come as a surprise to many now, as we have got habituated to changing our LED light bulbs in one to two years. After about a year, the LED light starts blinking and it forces us to replace the light bulb with another expensive LED light bulb.

The whole premise of switching from cheap filament light bulbs to extremely expensive LED ones was based on the calculations of power savings over the life of an LED bulb, which would make the lifetime cost of the LED bulb lower than the incandescent bulb. But if the promise of 20 years of the life of an LED bulb does not hold, then does the economics of an LED bulb itself hold? Why should people use LED light bulbs and not use conventional incandescent or fluorescent lights?

The bigger question mark is, does the LED bulb industry really want us to have light bulbs that literally last forever, which will then be a death knell for the industry? If we don’t have to replace our light bulbs, then we will not need to buy new LED bulbs, which means once we have bought all the lights that we need, the LED bulb industry will shrink drastically. Is it a conspiracy theory that the LED manufacturers are purposefully reducing the lifespan of their bulbs or is there any substance to such a possibility?

LED bulbs seem to be in grip of what appears to be a neo-Phoebus arrangement. (Photo: Getty)

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  1. The Foreign Nazis that rule us took away our CHEAP, LONG-LASTING
    light bulbs and gave us this crappy LED garbage because they
    weren’t making any money on the OLD light bulbs!
    These new EXPENSIVE ones cost fifty time as much and last only
    1/50th of the time!

    Satan’s Children!
    ALWAYS Satan’s Children!

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