The Heroic Saga: The Escape, Exile & Death Of Bose

Finally, the truth about Bose’s communication with his family till 1949 and a partial truth about his survival post 1949, is out because of the courageous act of the family members of Subhas Chandra Bose. Though after a couple of broadcasts over television networks, this particular ‘news’ was redacted, may be due to the political pressure of those in power, or all major players right, left and center, who do not want this inconvenient truth to come out at any point of time. The truth is yet to come out on who stopped the channels from continuing the broadcast. Did the channels themselves decide that it was not worth to broadcast further? Was it the pressure from the government? Was it local State government or corporate advertisers or funders or their international financial partners operating out of Dubai or Mauritius? Was it the British Government or the British Embassy or their intelligence agencies? Who prevented the news from broadcasting is as equally important and paramount as the whole saga of Bose’s disappearance and death.

World War II illustration created by the Japanese. Subhas Chandra Bose backed up by Japenese tanks is shown beheading the British Lion feasting on bones of dead Indians.

Qui bono? Who benefits from suppressing truth?

Leaving behind the beneficiaries of truth, our analysis on this issue since day one has proved right that Subhas Chandra Bose was not killed in a plane accident, as there was no information on any plane accidents the day he left Andaman; at least over Burma. By this, it is clear, that for past 66 years, knowingly the governments are lying to their own people, while, Bose’s family members are struggling to tell the nation that he was alive and wanted to come back to India. The partial release of the correspondence between Bose and his family members and other critical files has opened a Pandora box of questions although these files contain substantially nothing new about Netaji. But, we would like to throw a set of questions on to our readers and seekers of truth, like the 72-year old Anita Bose Pfaff, daughter of Netaji, time to time, urged Indians that ‘I wish the Indian public would concern themselves more with his life and his achievements from which there is much to be learned than with his death!’

These questions once answered will make the fact clear that again the governments are lying or hiding the truth about a great patriot and a brilliant military strategist who breathed till he lived for the true liberation of India and her culture from the clutches of oppression and slavery which still persist in India.

Who knew about the fact?

Didn’t anyone in India know the fact about Bose’s survival? Did the then rulers of India know the fact? Was the fact known to Nehru or the ‘Ironman’ Patel? Were the so called patriots, nationalists aware? If they were, then what was the reason behind their silence? Even if we assume he died in 1949, where was he for the long four years from 1945-1949? Was he in Burma, or Japan or British jails, or, in Indian jails? Did he die in India? If so, who performed his funeral? If he passed away outside India, then where was he buried? Did the British rulers, the British Intelligence know about Bose, as they controlled most of the communication channels during and after World War-II?

If only the British administration knew the truth and kept the Indian leaders under wraps, then, once the British left India, did the continued British civil and intelligence administration in India lied to their politicians through every commission till 1990 that Bose was killed in a plane crash in 1945 and that he was buried in Japan? Who gave the information to all the commissions? Why was crores of public money wasted in commissions when they knew he was alive in some jail in some country? Or, knowing the fact that Bose was alive, did the money go into the coffers of politicians and corrupt officials to just reprint and re-edit the ‘first commission report’ with the date changed, while running the farce of enquiry? If it was the Indian administration, who passed on the information and to whom? Why India never considered the report of the Japanese doctor who claimed that the dead body was not of Bose? Did not the report touch the ears of any patriot in this country? If it touched, then, was there no patriot who ever bothered to solve the mystery of the death of their great leader who sacrificed his life for the country, that too when they were hinted by the doctor’s report? Why India showed no interest when Anita Bose claimed her father S. Bose had been communicating till 1949? What was the reason behind the silence of the Indian leaders after acquiring information about a patriotic leader of India? If Bose died in 1949, then, why was his daughter campaigning to get her father back, lobbying both in India and Germany? Does that seem to be senseless or that she knew something? How could they simply let go this issue and why simply argue on the acceptance or denial of Anita being the daughter of Bose?

If it is assumed that Bose took a flight from Andaman or Nagaland, it must be a military aircraft. Between Andaman and Nagaland and Burma, there were no antiaircraft guns because that area was already under the control of Bose. The only destination he could have flown from Andaman is to Japan. If he was flying out of Nagaland or Burma, the flight path will be over China.

What happened to the plane that Bose took from Burma? Was the plane shot down or force landed? If it was shot down, was any investigation done on the plane debris and fallout or was it ignored like Homi Bhabha’s flight accident? If force landed, where was it landed and why? Who had the capability to shoot Bose’s plane, or force land it?

In 1945 there were no anti-aircraft missiles but only anti-aircraft guns whose effective range was a maximum of 3000 meters. British, even now do not have long range bombers that can fly across Pacific and Indian oceans and shoot down planes. Can we then imagine they could do that in 1945? British air force was reduced to skeletal number and only three long range aircrafts that could fly in to India were left at the end of the war. Bose flew back in Mitsubishi bomber, one of the best of its kind in those days with a flying range of 30000 feet ceiling which is beyond the range of any anti-aircraft guns. Didn’t the experienced Japanese pilots file the flight path of Bose with Japanese War Ministry and also inform their American counterparts on that? If Bose landed safely in Japan, he would have joined the Indian freedom fight with Gandhi and this would have altered all equations of Congress leadership and Bose would have become the de-facto leader of Congress in negotiating for independence. In fact, against the wishes of Gandhi too he would have won the Congress leadership race and became the Congress President. That would have altered British plans of dividing India and blocking land passage to Russia.

Even if we assume that Bose’s plane was shot/crashed over Burma, which was under the control of British at that time anyway after the Second World War, why would the British take extraordinary pains to convince Americans and Japanese and allowed Japanese planes to carry the dead body of Bose to Japan? Were not the British trying to capture Bose alive or dead and spent considerable amount of intelligence resources on that?

The only air force bases available at that time were in Philippines, belonging to Americans, from where they controlled the skies over Pacific and Indian oceans. There were not many independent countries at this Pacific and Indian Ocean regions as what we see today and most of them were under Japan. China did not have a functional air port nor did Burma, nor did Thailand. So the only way Bose could fly over back to Japan from Andaman was through Philippines. Did the Americans force land the plane because Bose was flying in a Japanese war plane with the Japanese military insignia? If they force landed him, it is pretty sure that Americans knew that he was the President and Commander in Chief of INA and was aligned with Japan according to the Geneva Convention, Bose would have introduced himself as POW(Prisoner Of War).

When Bose set up the Republic of India which was recognized by many countries, didn’t America and others knew about it? When the whole world knew that India came into existence, how could anyone take a Commander in Chief into custody and not let the world know about it? Does this not indicate the fact that Americans have the records of force landing the Japanese plane along with the details of the crew? After knowing about the crew they should have been taken to either Japan or America for investigation. Were they taken? If they were taken, there should be the records of investigations too. But how surprisingly, only the crew details are missing and there are no records of any such investigations? What happened to the crew? Where were they taken – to the Japanese jail or to the Philippines jail? Or was he along with his associates handed over to the British and they kept him in the Burma jail to satisfy the ego of Mountbatten? Is that why Mountbatten took the title of ‘the Earl of Burma’ to prove to Bose in jail that he recaptured Burma and separated it from India? Was it that the British took possession of Bose from the Americans and erased all the records of the crew members?

If the Japanese wanted to take him to safety, they would have taken him from Burma itself. If he was alive, what would make anyone hide the fact that he was alive, unless he was thought to be a threat for their political ambitions, and hence, colluded with British to keep him permanently shut down? Or did the British think releasing him will ruin their partition plans and (in)dependence drama and the fraudulent ascension of Kingdoms they so want to enact on the subcontinent? If at all he died later, how did he die – slow poison? Heart attack? Or was it the same way how Churchill planned to eliminate Gandhi when he was in jail?

On the insistence of Mountbatten, the British admiralty interfered with the Americans, pressurized them to force land the plane and keep Bose in custody till the partition of India was over, as it served the geopolitical interests of many, except Indians. When Americans could no longer hold Bose, British convinced the Russians to hold him by making them believe that Bose was an anti-communist? They also promised the Russians that Kashmir will be ascended to India and Russia will have a land access to India and that they would end and move away from the Great Game. They also created a false impression that Russia was victorious in the Great Game. After this deal, the British used their Iranian mercenaries in the guise of Pashtu tribes to take over that part of Kashmir, from where the land access as promised to Russia would have materialized? In order to prove Russians that they were serious about the land access, didn’t the British enact the whole drama of fraudulent accession and throw the blame on Nehru? At that time, the Indian Army was just 4 kms away from the temple complex located in the place called Sharada Valley which was the cultural and spiritual nerve center of India, and there was no resistance from any one on the opposite side. Somehow the British prevented the Indian Army from taking that place; with the largest institutional structures and millions of manuscripts, which would have rejuvenated the Indian scientific cultural heritage.

With this, the land access from India to Russia was cut off and the Russians felt betrayed. Russians, for this betrayal took revenge on Mountbatten by supplying high power explosives to the IRA (Irish Republican Army) rebels through the STASI, the East German intelligence, who blew Mountbatten and his family along with the yacht into pieces. Can India take any such revenge on all those who were responsible for the exile and death of Bose and many other leaders and innocent people or for many such betrayals The East India Company subjected us to?

If Bose would have taken India, our borders would have been from Thailand to Iran. By      eliminating Bose, a dozen countries were created to serve only England and Colonial masters. If Bose could return in 1945, he would have altered the Congress leadership and British political strategy of the ‘Great Game’ and partition would have been avoided. Was Gandhi aware of this fact? Was it this discovery that prompted Gandhi to dissolve Congress, which he discussed with Patel, and of course was the last discussion between him and Patel after which Gandhi was shot down?

The Indian National Army that was started by Bose was supported by the Japanese. It was a full-fledged army belonging to the Government of India, set up in Singapore as Headquarters. The day INA occupied Singapore; the Republic of India was born. Subhas Chandra Bose was the Supreme Commander of the armed forces of the Republic of India. If at all India think of    rewriting her correct history, we have to accept the fact that Subhas Chandra Bose was the first President of the Republic of India. The reason behind is that Bose had never set up the Government of India in exile but daringly occupied Singapore and Burma and other parts of India which were under British control; set up a government, an administration and issued the currency.

These countries which INA took over were already recognized as ‘Indian Republic’ and ‘Government of India’ by many of the South Asian countries. From the operational headquarters of Singapore, INA moved and occupied Nagaland, Assam (Ahom) and the entire current North East area. INA was ready to sweep into Bengal and Delhi and also they occupied the Andaman Island. The INA air force wing had dropped leaflets all across the east coast cities like Chennai, Vishakhapatnam, etc., asking the people to evacuate the cities so that INA can burn the British Headquarters. Bose waited for 15 days for the people to vacate since he did not want to kill his own countrymen. There were no strong British officers left in India at that time to stop Bose. If everything went according to his plan, Bose would have taken Delhi in 15 days and India would be ‘undivided India’ stretching from Burma to Iran.

In the process of fighting for liberation of India, Bose defeated the most high fly and arrogant top British General, Phillip Louis Mountbatten, the Supreme Commander in Chief of the South East Asia Command of the Allied forces. He wanted to attack Chennai and Srilanka at the same time crippling the British Navy. By this he wanted to prevent the evacuation of the chief British military and political officials from escaping out of India whom Bose wanted to punish for human rights atrocities committed onto Indians like the Jallianwallah Bagh massacre. In fact, Mountbatten had to shift his Headquarters from Srilanka to England and run away for his life. It was a foregone conclusion to the military circles including in the assessment of Mountbatten, that India was lost. But within those fifteen days, the first atom bomb was dropped on Japan by the Americans, being pressurized by the British who feared they would lose India and wanted to teach a lesson to Japan for helping Bose in the liberation of India and making their crown jewel almost lost in the battle field. If not, why was the atom bomb used against Japan that too when they were already in the process of surrendering to America?

Unlike the other presidents and commanders in chief of war who sit in the war planning room and direct the army operations, Bose literally lived, fought and was ready to die with this soldiers. Bose’s valor can be compared to that of Baji Rao I, who always stayed with his soldiers in the battle-field and fought against the enemies which earned him the title ‘The People’s General’ in the classic quotes on history of the world warfare written by Field Marshall Bernard Montgomery. But Monty, being British, conveniently forgets to mention Bose and his achievements just because his Supreme Commander, Mountbatten was defeated by Bose.

‘The Enemy of my Enemy is my Friend’ is an old proverb and especially true in case of war. That is why Italians, Germans and Japanese all joined hands against the British. So it became natural for Bose to execute a military solution to ally with the Japanese and Germans. As all the previous revolt and independence fights of India with the British were lost because of the lack of consistent military supplies, it was logical for Bose to have an equally powerful military partner to execute the plans for liberation of India while every other political party was busy begging the British for freedom. Bose had realized way back in 1930 following Wavell’s telegram that British were out to divide India into two to three nations. Poet Mohamed Iqbal was the first to formulate the concept of a separate State for Muslims as early as 1930. Needless to state, that this sentiment, in a sense, was strengthened by the Hindu extremists. In 1937, in an open session of the Hindu Mahasabha held at Ahmedabad, Savarkar, in his presidential address asserted: “India cannot be assumed today to be Unitarian and homogenous nation, but on the contrary there are two nations in the main – the Hindus and the Muslims.” (Vide writings Swatantrya Veer Savarkar, Vol. 6 page 296, Maharashtra Prantiya Hindu Mahasabha, Pune). Bose did not have a choice other than summarily to kick the British out of India. Probably both Bose and Gandhi had realized that the Muslim League and Hindu Mahasabha were the British creations or penetrated by the British intelligence assets. In this regard, it is logical to conclude that both Gandhi and Bose knew the facts and with the blessings of Gandhi only Bose moved to execute a military solution. As a subsequent event proof, that post Japanese surrendered, the British forced the two nation theory on Indians and only Gandhi opposed the Division of India (details regarding partition will be written in the upcoming book – Part(y)tion – The Saga of Treachery, Assassination and Fraudulent Ascension of Kingdoms).

Other than Gandhi including Congress, Hindu Maha Sabha and Muslim League either created by British or filled with British intelligence assets wanted to divide India according to British plans. The assassination of Gandhi and subsequent investigations and the drama that went in the court, and the suppression of many facts surrounding the case is no lesser melodrama than the disappearance, exile and death of Bose. In both cases, the heavy involvement of British intelligence with their local intelligence assets is very clear. That is the reason why both Congress and the right-wing in India never bothered about either Bose or Gandhi and never went to the bottom of the facts of Gandhi’s assassination or the facts of exile and death of Bose. When Bose wanted to liberate united India without partition from Burma to Iran and from Srilanka to Afghanistan (Akhand Bharath) and when Bose was fighting with British in Andaman, Nagaland, Assam and Burma why both Congress and the rightwing cadre, who claim to die for India never rose to the occasion either by fighting the British or fighting alongside with Bose? Why did they stop people from evacuating the coastal areas when Bose was trying to clear those places so that he could bomb the British Headquarters with zero casualties of Indians? Why were they favoring the British to divide the country into two parts? After the escape and exile of Bose, in 1945, again Savarkar had stated “I have no quarrel with Mr. Jinnah’s two nation theory. We, the Hindus are a nation by ourselves, and it is a historical fact that the Hindus and the Muslims are two nations.” (Vide Indian Educational Register-1943, vol. 2, page10). It was this sentiment of separate and irreconcilable identities of the followers of these religions that led to the formation of Pakistan. The same proverb ‘The Enemy of my Enemy is my Friend’ which is mentioned above also applicable here; because the Hindu Maha Sabha, Congress and the Muslim League betrayed Bose and Gandhi during freedom struggle and worked hand in hand with British and all the three favored the division of India and became responsible for the massive killings, rape, and destruction of wealth of millions of Indians.

Is this the reason when Bose wanted to bring about a united India, none bothered about it except Gandhi? The effects of this division we are experiencing even today in the form of balkanization of India on regional lines, Talibanization of India based on extreme religious bigotry of extremist Hindu, Christian and Muslim. It was true that only Gandhi boycotted these parties and ceremonies during Indian Freedom celebrations and remained alone in prayers crying in his heart.

Bose was captured and exiled and his vision of United India died along with the thousand years old kingdoms and culture. The Congress, Hindu Mahasabha and the Muslim League partied with British, divided India into different parts and handed over the control of the country to the British created oppressors in the name of (in)dependence. When Bose moved the tanks, armored vehicles, war planes from the independent Indian capital of Singapore to liberate British oppressed India, why all patriot, nationalist, culture protectors turned the other way and joined with the British, in actively dividing India, killing more than one million people, raping more than hundred thousand women, destroying properties of twelve billion dollars and demolishing spiritual and scientific centers all across India in the name of (in)dependence? Is it not true in the name of freeing the people we have killed more number of people than all invasions of India put together and still continuing the same killing using most primitive weapons? Couldn’t we have used the same weapons joining Bose and evicting the British out of India?

It was a disastrous defeat for Mountbatten after HMS Kelly debacle. That is the reason why when Mountbatten became the Viceroy of India, he took the title ‘Earl of Burma’ to have a psychological victory over Bose and he promptly divided Burma from India. That is the first partition of India.

The British, as part of Great Game III, wanted to put Bose in jail till their partition plans were executed and the portion of Kashmir is cut off, from which Russia could have a land access to…

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  1. Declassification of all Netaji files may prove that JAP AND
    Before WW-II, Jap-US trade war and political war started; this led to actual US-JAP
    war. So British became an enemy to Japan by diplomatic manipulation as US-British
    alliance was there. After WW-II, Japan revived their old link with British. Jap
    and Brit spies were well linked before WW-II. JAP SPIES AGREED TO ELIMINATE
    NETAJI. Motive was to appease Brit and purchase security for Jap royal family. So,
    news of air crash was Jap fabrication. In any controversial case, liar is to be
    suspected. Netaji plan to start second
    independence war with USSR help was known to Japan. So, Brit and Jap spies
    developed a common minimum program against pro-communist agenda of Netaji. Why
    should Jap imperialism agree to patronize emergence of independent India as a
    permanent communist ally? Is it not more logical to fulfill British condition
    and purchase favor? Why Jap royal family was not tried as a war criminal? What
    is the mystery behind this favor?

    There is another point about gumnami baba. Who was he? He
    was a dummy created as a part of common minimum program of Jap and Brit imperialism.
    In axis camp, creation of dummy by plastic surgery was a common practice.
    Hitler and Mussolini were having number of dummies. Japan sold Netaji-dummy to
    British. British deputed this dummy at faizabad of UP, with a purpose to create
    confusion regarding Netaji. This confusion prevented nation to be doubtful
    about role of Jap or Brit. So gumnami baba of faizabad is a common creation of
    Jap and Brit spies. Never had he told truth. If he had told anything, that must
    be lie. In a controversial case, liar is to be suspected. So, JAPAN SOLD NETAJI
    British and British deputed him at faizabad of UP. JAPAN SURRENDERED TO US-UK
    SIDE ON 15-AUG-1945. Netaji’s last flight was on 18-aug-1945. A SURRENDERED
    JAPAN WAS NO LONGER AN ALLY OF AZAD HIND. They worked as per their new mentors,
    the British.

  2. Here is an old news on Netaji, which
    proves that Japan had played some wrong game with Netaji for their own
    imperialist interest. Japanese had altered Netaji’s flight plan. Mr Debnath das, formerly general secretary of India
    independence league, in south east Asia told Khosla commission, that Netaji had
    mentioned to him on the night of Aug 16, 17, 1945, that Japanese had changed
    their plan regarding his departure from Saigon at eleventh hour. Appearing as a
    witness, Mr Das quoted Netaji as telling him and some INA officers, who were present
    at the time, that Japan wanted to take him to Tokyo instead of Manchuria. He
    and some important INA officers present at Saigon did not like the idea and
    asked Japanese officers where Netaji was being taken. The Japanese replied – Do not worry. You will be taken to the
    same place, where he is going. They however, refused to reveal name of place, Mr
    Das added. Mr Das was the last witness to give evidence before mr justice g d Khosla
    on commission‘s sitting in Delhi. Mr Das replied to negative to a question by Mr
    Khosla, whether Netaji had expressed his dislike to the idea of going to a place,
    where the Japanese wanted to take him, but said : It appeared to me as though Netaji was not
    happy at the change of destination. Mr das said Netaji had carried 18 metal
    boxes containing treasures belonging to provisional AH Govt.

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