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Pfizer has asked a U.S. court to throw out a whistleblower’s lawsuit on the basis that the company can’t be guilty of fraud, abuse, and protocol violations in its COVID Vaccine clinical trials because its contract with the U.S. government allowed them to skirt regulations and federal laws that typically apply to government contracts.
According to European CDC whistleblower, the recent monkeypox outbreak gripping the globe might have been originated from a lab.
The whistleblower of Hunter Biden’s laptop from hell describes gory details in his groundbreaking book, including the password of Hunter Biden’s laptop.
The data within Hunter Biden's laptop contains 80,000 photographs and videos, as well as more than 120,000 emails that have been saved. 450 GB of the deleted Hunter Biden laptop data is now set to be released by whistleblower Jack Maxey.
The whistleblower has claimed that the governments operating with Microsoft are throwing away millions of public dollars on unused Microsoft products so a few select officials, partners, and employees can enrich themselves. This is just merely one of the aspects that the whistleblower exposed in the Microsoft’s massive foreign bribery network.
The company's recurrent inability to adequately operate facilities for Pfizer's COVID-19 vaccination study has been clearly documented. This has led to emergence of COVID vaccine trial whistleblower Brook Jackson filing a lawsuit against Pfizer for false claims.
According to whistleblower transcripts acquired by media medical personnel and supervisors confessed to giving wrong COVID vaccines to kids and using incorrect dilutant when administering shots to young kids, low-income and destitute adults, and verifying that the error "could cancel out [the vaccine's protection] or have adverse effects."
A Chinese whistleblower virologist Dr Li-Meng Yan has fled Hong Kong to expose the secret investigation she and her team conducted on Coronavirus. Dr Li-Meng Yan specializing in virology and immunology, working in the University of Hong Kong School...
According to an emergency physician treating COVID-19 patients the vast majority of Coronavirus infected people do quite well. "I worry about non-coronavirus care. A large share of those staying home surely have emergency medical and surgical conditions not related...
Another whiltleblower, a doctor treating Coronavirus patients himself has come out with a startling disclosure saying COVID-19 patients need Oxygen therapy not Ventilator and that we maybe treating the wrong disease. He says the patients symptoms resemble High Altitude...