Missing Israeli Whistleblower Living As Fugitive In Undisclosed Location

According to Miranda Devine of the New York Post, Dr. Gal Luff, a former Israeli Defense Force colonel, an expert on energy policy, and the founder and executive director of the Washington-based Institute for the Analysis of Global Security, is now living as a fugitive in an undisclosed location.

Dr. Gal Luff, the Israeli whistleblower who went missing in Cyprus after claiming the Biden administration was out to “bury” him, “is alive and living as a fugitive in an undisclosed location,” according to the New York Post’s Miranda Devine.

Luft is a former Israeli Defense Force colonel, an expert on energy policy and the founder and executive director of the Washington-based Institute for the Analysis of Global Security (IAGS).

He was preparing to reveal damning information about the Biden family’s international business exploits to Congress in February when the Biden Department of Justice had him arrested in Cyprus on multiple charges, including international weapon trafficking charges.

In 2019, Luft reportedly told the FBI about the Biden family’s shady business arrangement with the Chinese state-controlled energy company CEFC, but never heard back from the FBI or prosecutors again until he was arrested in Cyprus.

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The whistleblower vanished in April while on bail awaiting extradition to the US on seven charges, which include “five charges relating to the Arms Export Control Act of conspiring to sell Chinese products to the United Arab Emirates, Kenya and Libya, as well as a violation of the Foreign Agents Registration Act, and of making a false statement,” the Post reported. His abandoned car was reportedly found by police near the airport.

Luft told Devine that he was forced to skip bail because he is a victim of political persecution by Biden’s Department of Justice to protect the Biden family.

“The chances of me getting a fair trial in Washington are virtually zero,” he said in a call from an undisclosed foreign country. “I had to do what I had to do.”

He declined to explain how he escaped Cyprus because he didn’t “want to get people in trouble.”

“I was charged for a thought crime,” he said in reference to the gun-running allegations, which date from email correspondence five years ago. “I was asked by a bona fide arms dealer, an Israeli friend, to inquire with a company I knew if they had an item and what would be the price of an item. This is where the conspiracy ended. No follow-up, no money, no brokering activity.”

Luft said the date of the extradition order, Nov. 1, 2022—seven days before the midterm elections—was suspicious because Republicans were expected to win control of the House and start investigations into of Biden family’s foreign influence peddling operations.

“When it was clear the Republicans are going to win the House or the Senate, all of a sudden comes [GOP Rep. James] Comer and [GOP Rep. Jim] Jordan and the game is changing. There will be questions and subpoenas and investigations [so] they [the administration] have to discredit me. I never thought of coming forward. Through 2020 I sat quiet like a fish,” he said. “I didn’t want to get caught up in this game, but when they arrested me, I had no choice but to blow it up.”

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