The Most Important Whistleblower In America: Dr. Andrew Huff

The most important whistleblower in America right now is Dr. Andrew Huff. He is responsible for exposing several scandals unfolding inside our national security state related to the COVID pandemic.

The Most Important Whistleblower In America Dr. Andrew Huff

Tony Fauci. Peter Daszak. Ralph Baric. Hunter Biden. The CIA. The FBI. DHS. Dr. Huff has receipts on everybody involved in the COVID pandemic — and they know it.

The Most Important Whistleblower In America Dr. Andrew Huff 2

Why is it so important to follow him on Twitter? Because Doctor Andrew Huff tweets incredible things like this.

The Most Important Whistleblower In America Dr. Andrew Huff 3

Let’s start by making sure that you know what Dr. Andrew Huff has already done as a whistleblower in the last few months.

A few weeks ago, Dr. Andrew Huff gave a sworn statement — as a former vice president of EcoHealth Alliance! — that the COVID-19 virus was created in China as “a joint project between an American company (EcoHealth Alliance) and the CCP controlled Wuhan Institute of Virology.” Dr. Huff knew this because he was an eyewitness at EcoHealth Alliance meetings.

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Let’s call that Blockbuster #1: Peter Daszak and Ralph Baric made COVID-19 in a Chinese lab.

Get ready for Blockbuster #2: The CIA and Hunter Biden were involved in funding the creation of the COVID-19 virus through third-party proxies and EcoHealth Alliance as early as 2014.

More details on the extraordinary information contained in Dr. Andrew Huff’s testimony can be found in my article (below) and in attorney Tom Renz’s article.

That’s all just necessary background for the blockbusters that have followed from Dr. Andrew Huff’s Twitter account in the last few months.

Fasten your seatbelts. This is going to get bumpy.

Blockbuster #3: DHS officials stopped any real investigation of the origins of the virus outbreak.

Dr. Huff tweeted last month that: “After learning early on that SARS-CoV2 was not severe, someone from the DHS WMD directorate decided to use COVID as a test case to see how the US would respond to a bioevent. I believe after speaking with multiple national security experts that person is …”

Dr. Huff then identifies the likely person responsible in another tweet.

Dr. Huff also tweeted this message: “Col. John Hoffman Sr. (Ret): ‘Indeed, several key DHS staffers suppressed any effort to investigate the origins of the outbreak. This was policy from higher up, not their position. But who was responsible in the upper management of DHS, I do not know.’”

Blockbuster #4: The U.S. government is now illegally spying on Dr. Andrew Huff — and breaking into his house (allegedly).

Read his tweet thread here and much more here and even more here and simply incredible stuff here for details.

The Most Important Whistleblower In America Dr. Andrew Huff 4

Blockbuster #5: Dr. Andrew Huff’s life is in danger — “armed federal agents shooting on my property.” The local sheriff has refused to help Dr. Huff or even contact him back.

The Most Important Whistleblower In America Dr. Andrew Huff 5

And here’s the attached screenshots 1 and 2.

The Most Important Whistleblower In America Dr. Andrew Huff 6
The Most Important Whistleblower In America Dr. Andrew Huff 7

On August 28th, Dr. Huff tweeted: “The US Government – CIA, FBI, DHS, DoD, and ODNI are going to attempt to blame the Chinese for the break-ins at my home and the most vicious attacks on a whistle blower in history. That is a false narrative. We have members of the IC that confirmed the operation, and witnesses.”

Blockbuster #6: Data was stolen from Dr. Andrew Huff’s house and that data was related to America’s critical food infrastructure. Dr. Huff also confirms that America’s critical food processing plats are being deliberately attacked and destroyed.

Dr. Huff on September 1st tweeted: “If my story couldn’t get any crazier. It looks like the data stolen from my house was used to Attack American Critical Infrastructures. I and Col. John Hoffman were the only holders of the data. I reported the theft with @RenzTom to the FBI.”

He continued: “2,000,000 registered food facilities with the FDA/USDA. My database of nominated systems and facilities to DHS for critical infrastructure key resource designation has about 800 entries for the entire US. 99 attacks over 2 years. 75% of the 99 attacks show up in my database.”

He continued: “I actually cried about it this weekend. That is how seriously I take national security / food protection. That being said, when I have more time I will dig in. Agent Stanley told Sandia National Laboratories that she was ‘investigating’ the surveillance of me/house.”

Emerald Robinson is an independent journalist. Her new weekday TV show, The Absolute Truth, is on FrankSpeech TV. She served as the chief White House correspondent for Newsmax (2020-2022) and for One America News (2017-2020). This article was originally published on Emerald Robinson’s The Right Way.

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  1. Huff is both an idiot and a moron. ZERO reviews of the book he’s trying to sell on Amazon. Use conjecture and utter nonsense, Huff seeks to persuade the connedspiracy view for idiots regarding COVID and other connedspiracies. Did everyone notice that no facts are actually included? Unnamed “sources”? “High level officials”? These are strong indications that Huff is fabricating his stories. The “evidence” he alleges to can’t be provided? Demonstrated? Quoted? Sourced? Just another connedspiracy moron spreading more falsehoods and disinformation. Huff’s “story” is crazy, just like Huff himself. This is not worth publishing and it is certainly not fact-checked or demonstrated with any kind of evidence and would never survive any kind of examination. More utter garbage.

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