Wednesday, June 19, 2024

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Inside The Klaus Schwab Davos Cash machine, the World Economic Forum, a Swiss non-profit, grapples with currency hoarding, managing substantial revenue and cash reserves, and acquiring high-value real estate, sparking awe and ire in the events industry.
George Soros' Open Society Foundations, now managed by his son Alexander, will mostly stop their activities in the European Union. This decision follows the foundation-funded NGOs efforts to bring...
The WEF has recently published a blueprint titled "Benchmarking the Transition to Sustainable Urban Mobility," which aims to reduce individual car ownership by 75% by the year 2050 and encourages the transition to smart cities.
According to a tweet by Elon Musk, Twitter’s new CEO is Linda Yaccarino, who was the Chairman of the WEF's Taskforce on the Future of Work. NBC confirmed that its head of advertising is...
Over the course of the coming few years – as the supply chains break down and people watch their savings eroded into worthlessness; as the media spoon-feeds us more cover stories and politicians begin floating the notion of food rationing, GMOs, digital IDs and eventually carbon-based social credit systems – a sizeable segment of the population are going to find themselves confronted with the question, ‘Who is Klaus Schwab?’
Jordan Peterson made an announcement about his alternative to the World Economic Forum while participating in Joe Rogan's podcast with a consortium being held in London this October and into November.

Bill To Defund The WEF

The US has, in an effort to defund the WEF of American taxpayer funds, proposed a new bill called the Defund Davos Act.
How do nations become wealthy? Many are blessed with abundant natural resources. Others conquer foreign lands. Some specialize in unique trade skills and crafts. Timber, mining, fishing, sugar, rum, narcotics, cotton, silk, agriculture, conquest, human slavery, manufacturing, oil, industry, banking, and so on — depending on the century and the region, nations have attained tremendous wealth in myriad ways. Notice that no nation has managed merely to print money and tax its citizens on the path to prosperity. Real wealth cannot simply be conjured from thin air. There must be recognized value in what a nation and its citizens possess.
In 2018 they published an article entitled, Mind control using sound waves? We ask a scientist how it works. Of course, it was scrubbed from their site, but thanks to the Wayback Machine we have the evidence of their technocratic depravity.
Implanted chips are going to be promoted as a fashionable status symbol by mainstream society and influencers. This is how the WEF wants to microchip your kids.