Bill To Defund The WEF

The US has, in an effort to defund the WEF of American taxpayer funds, proposed a new bill called the Defund Davos Act.

Bill To Defund The WEF 1

A bill proposed by House Republicans would prevent any taxpayer dollars from possibly supporting the initiatives of the World Economic Forum, a corporate-dominated non-governmental group that advocates for centralised, undemocratic power and global governance.

The legislation, which is supported by Representatives Tom Tiffany, Lauren Boebert, and Scott Perry, was prompted by controversy surrounding the group’s use of COVID-19 to further its corporate-leftist social agenda. Climate change has also been weaponized by the World Economic Forum (WEF) as a pretext for enacting the ideas of its “Great Reset” doctrine, which calls for the complete abolition of private property.

The “Defund Davos Act,” which builds on prior efforts by the Trump administration to withdraw from other international organisations including the World Health Organization (WHO), would ensure that American taxpayer funds do not support the WEF’s goals.

“No funds available to the Department of State, the United States Agency for International Development, or any other department or agency may be used to provide funding for the World Economic Forum,” reads the bill (pdf below), H.R. 8748.

The Committee on Foreign Affairs has since been tasked with looking into the bill.

Through close relationships and personnel overlap with the top firms in the world, the WEF is able to advance its progressive social agenda. Government officials are essential to the group’s objective in addition to depending on the private sector to execute WEF-approved measures like social credit scoring and digital banking.

The WEF works with younger politicians through its Young Global Leaders programme in addition to conducting an annual summit in Davos, Switzerland with numerous high-level government officials and heads of state.

The United States Agency for International Development (USAID), one of the organisations singled out by the Defund Davos Act, has drawn criticism for funding an American nonprofit that worked with a Chinese Communist Party-run lab thought to be the source of COVID-19.

Despite the fact that the EcoHealth Alliance’s bat coronavirus research included manipulating pathogens to make them deadlier to people and had similarities to COVID-19, USAID backed the organization’s pandemic preparedness programmes.

Read the bill given below:


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  1. This is just eyewash.

    It’s all Fiat currency you fools.

    Switzerland doesn’t need any permission to add unlimited zeros to your account number.

    It’s just a bunch of Microsoft excel sheets.

    They can increase their budget to a bazillion billion dollars.

    There isn’t a worm of a politician in the world who’ll tell them it ain’t legit.

  2. Not just the US, all the countries affected by these initiatives should consider similar steps. Also government bodies like municipal corporations etc should not be allowed to have direct contracts or agreements with foreign organizations or NGOs without the knowledge and approval of the respective State governments and Central governments.

  3. Everyone in the WHO, the IMF, and the WEF is a god-pounding drug addict. Klaus Schwab is a drug addict. Why are we listening to a bunch of drug addicts, and non-american drug addicts at that!

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