Sunday, May 19, 2024

Tag: Virginia

US Naval Air Force has reported that E-2D Advanced Hawkeye which is an US Navy surveillance plane has crashed off the coast of Virginia due to unknown reasons.
A school system in Loudoun County, Virginia, has been coaching individual school administrators on how to effectively have children or parents jailed should either decline to wear masks or otherwise oppose to following school rules.
A Virginia judge has ruled that the Fauquier Hospital was in contempt of the court for refusing to administer Ivermectin to the patient. The hospital would also be liable to pay $10,000 for each day it fails to administer Ivermectin, retroactive to the date of the court’s injunction.
A US Air Force helicopter used to transport VIPs and dignitaries around the D.C. area and also assigned President Donald Trump’s security has been shot at from the ground over Virginia. FBI is investigating the case. The incident occurred...