VA School District Trains Staff In Getting Unmasked Parents & Students Jailed

A school system in Loudoun County, Virginia, has been coaching individual school administrators on how to get warrants and to effectively have children or parents jailed should either decline to wear masks or otherwise oppose to following school rules.

VA School District Trains Staff In Getting Warrants Against Unmasked Parents & Students

For months, the district has always been in the news for its drive to push racial teachings in the classroom, as well as its insistence for a pro-transgender agenda and punishment of a teacher who objected. The district ultimately lost a legal battle over the problem.

The school district has even been engaged in disputing a father’s accusation claiming his daughter was assaulted in a girls’ lavatory by a boy dressed as a girl, despite school authorities admitting in records that they were aware of the incident.

That perpetrator was merely transferred to a different institution, where he was charged with a new infraction.

However it is at the centre of the debate around mask requirements and also what school authorities can do to keep students and parents on the same page.

The New York Post has now reported on a leaked communication between school administrators.

According to a copy of the email, the progressive district’s security official, John Clark, gave step-by-step directions on how to obtain warrants targeting parents or children who follow a new statewide mandate that excludes them from wearing face masks on campus.

Despite the governor’s orders, the county is sticking to its mask policy.

To enforce cooperation, Clark pledged a “enhanced” presence of “resource officers” in schools.

“If you determine that an individual should be trespassed then a school admin representative, in conjunction with S&S Coordinator Rich Thomas … will proceed to the magistrate to swear out a trespass summons/warrant,” he advised. “School admin will meet Rich Thomas at the Safety & Security office and then proceed to the magistrate, which is located next to our office,” he wrote.

Officials from the school must bring the name, address, and date of birth of the individual who will be penalized.

“Once issued by the magistrate, the summons/ warrant will be served by law enforcement. This process may take up to 24 hours,” the email said.

Supt. Scott Ziegler said no action had been undertaken against students who did not wear masks several days after the email was sent. He did say, though, that if a pupil does not use the mask, the school may suspend them.

Parents do not have the authority to visit a school “without proper vetting,” according to the email, and law enforcement officers will serve as a “visible deterrent” for “non-compliant peaceful parents or students.”

The email goes on to say that obtaining a warrant is an easy process.

According to the Washington Examiner, school authorities were also told to keep parents picking up their children outside.

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  1. Any institution that blocks a parents access to their children is highly suspect to say the least. Parental rights are above the mere desire of the institution to hide what is going on inside their facilities. The very idea that this is happening is a threat to the right to an education. How dare these fascists use their ideology to punish innocent children and their parents.

  2. Notice to all school staff: Tyrant training

    Authoritarian techniques explained. Oppressor strategies. Despot instruction. Bullying and other intimidation methods explained.

    Contact your district office for details.

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