US Navy Surveillance Plane Crashes Off Virginia Coast

US Naval Air Force has reported that E-2D Advanced Hawkeye which is an US Navy surveillance plane has crashed off the coast of Virginia due to unknown reasons.

US Navy Surveillance Plane Crashes Off Virginia Coast 1

A US Navy surveillance jet crashed off the coast of Virginia on Wednesday evening. One person died and two individuals were rescued.

The E-2D Advanced Hawkeye was on a regular exercise when it crashed around 1930 ET, according to Lt. Cmdr. Rob Myers, a public affairs officer with Naval Air Force Atlantic who told so to local news WAVY.

Three persons were on board at the time of the incident, according to Myers. Two of the passengers were critically injured and rescued, while a third was discovered dead inside the jet.

The surveillance plane, which was utilised for war management command and control, went down in the Chincoteague Bay near Wildcat Marsh, some 29 miles south of Ocean City, Maryland, according to the Coast Guard.

US Navy Surveillance Plane Crashes Off Virginia Coast 2

Before the jet crashed, civilian military plane observers published the plane’s unusual flying route.

US Navy Surveillance Plane Crashes Off Virginia Coast 3

The incident is being investigated, according to WAVY. The cause of the plane crash is unknown.

Rep. Elaine Luria, D-Va., stated that she is “continuing to monitor the Navy plane crash in Accomack County. I’m keeping our naval aviators, their families, and our first responders in my thoughts and prayers tonight as rescue and recovery efforts continue.”

Only a few weeks earlier, another US military plane crashed in Norway during a training exercise, killing four Marines. When the MV-22B Osprey went down, it was taking part in a NATO training that had nothing to do with the war in Ukraine.

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  1. The pilots were vaccinated and I bet you they had heart attacks while flying their planes and the vaccines (Gene Therapy) are working really well, as you can see – wait for more F-35 planes to fall out of the sky, at just 122 million dollars each, plus pilot trained to fly them – I know of 3 or 4 so far that have crashed – America is not the fighting force it once was, thanks to these vaccines – right?
    Got to wonder how efficient the military troops will be in battle too – get a fright = heart attack = death?

  2. More likely a microwave weapon like what’s been used on agents overseas and some near the white house. That plane was likely a Washington DC warning system for incoming coastal missiles. I wonder why it would have been targeted? lol

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