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Actor Dorian Kingi has spoken out about an unofficial 'Blacklist' that movie studios have created for people with unvaccinated status. Due to his vaccination status, actor, stunt...
Owing to a shortage of vaccine inventory shipped from China, only soldiers who were off-base were vaccinated. As a result, unvaccinated North Korean soldiers were told to use saltwater and other types of traditional medicine to treat the virus.
The unvaccinated did not create a disproportionate burden on health systems, according to a survey of 300,000 individuals who did not receive the COVID-19 vaccine. In fact, severe COVID was rare in people who didn’t get the vaccine. as per the survey.
If you refused to buy into the official narrative about the COVID shots, you likely found yourself on the receiving end of hateful attacks and rejection. Some of those zealots may now realize they were wrong, but few want to talk about it. How are you choosing to move forward?