Severe COVID ‘Rare’ In People Who Didn’t Get Vaccine Reveals New Survey

The unvaccinated did not create a disproportionate burden on health systems, according to a survey of 300,000 individuals who did not receive the COVID-19 vaccine. In fact, severe COVID was rare in people who didn’t get the vaccine. as per the survey.

Severe COVID Rare In People Who Didn’t Get Vaccine Survey Reveals

There have not been many studies comparing the outcomes of people who chose to depend on natural immunity and natural products vs people who chose COVID-19 genetic vaccinations, the latter of whom may or may not have additionally tried to improve their immune systems.

As demonstrated in the case of U.K. data (read below) by professor Norman Fenton and his team at Queen Mary, University of London, the few that have been performed frequently mix the immunized with the unimmunized.

With the initial publication of the analysis of survey results from the global Control Group project, also known as the Vax Control Group, this situation has changed.

The Control Group Cooperative in Eastbourne, United Kingdom, launched the citizen-led project, which has more than 300,000 subscribers.

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Dr. Naseeba Kathrada (general practitioner, South Africa, Caring Healthcare Workers Coalition), Dr. Christof Plothe (integrative and osteopathic practitioner, Germany), and Dr. Kat Lindley (family physician, USA) are part of the team led by Rob Verkerk Ph.D. of Alliance for Natural Health that has compiled, examined, and interpreted the first five months’ worth of survey data from “control group” participants.

The survey results provide significant revelations, such as:

  • Participants in the unvaccinated “control group” do not put an undue strain on health systems; on the contrary, they have very minimal hospitalization rates and severe COVID-19 disease is uncommon.
  • They are more inclined to practice self-care and use all-natural goods, such as zinc, vitamin D, vitamin C, and quercetin.
  • Ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine have both been widely utilized.
  • Women who were not vaccinated have experienced menstruation and bleeding irregularities, which may be caused by spike protein exposure and shedding.
  • Their stigmatization by the majority, “vaccinated” community has added to their already heavy mental health burden.
  • Because they choose to assert their rights to informed consent and refuse the administering of “genetic vaccines,” they have been subjected to severe discrimination.

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Read the press release:

No Jab, Lower Hospitalizations — Finds International Survey

An multinational survey of a health-conscious, unvaccinated “Control Group” of over 300,000 people reveals that participants exert little strain on healthcare systems due to their reliance on innate immunity, self-care, and natural health supplements to help avert or even treat COVID-19.

This population nevertheless experiences unjustified discrimination, job losses, and mental health problems that are made worse by their exclusion from regular society.

A subset of the over 305,000 individuals from more than 175 nations who joined the citizen-led initiative and chose not to acquire the COVID-19 vaccination is included in the survey of participants in the “Control Group.”

The results, which were recently posted to the preprint server ResearchGate, demonstrate that participants experienced low rates of severe COVID-19 disease during the 5-month survey period (inclusively from September 2021 through to Feb. 2022), rarely required hospitalization, and regularly used natural health products for both prevention and treatment of mild to moderate COVID-19.

An independent, global team underneath the direction of multidisciplinary scientist and founder of the non-profit Alliance for Natural Health International, Robert Verkerk Ph.D., examined and analysed the data from the Control Group survey’s initial five months.

Three active clinicians—Dr. Naseeba Kathrada of South Africa, Dr. Christof Plothe of Germany, and Dr. Katarina Lindley of the United States—were co-authors.

Via their recent cooperation with the World Council for Health, a non-profit, international coalition of health-focused organizations and civil society organisations, the writers got together to analyze the survey data.

The survey results were based on a sub-cohort of roughly 18,500 Control Group participants who had responded to monthly questionnaires during the study’s first five months.

The study gathered a wide range of information, including reasons why respondents refused vaccinations, with mistrust of authorities and pharmaceutical firms and worries about negative side effects from inadequately studied vaccines ranking highly on the list.

The stigma and discrimination experienced by those who refused to receive the COVID-19 vaccine may have contributed to the participants’ severe mental health issues.

Additionally, it was shown that women who had not received the COVID-19 vaccine experienced menstrual and clotting irregularities that may have been brought on by viral infection, shedding, spike protein exposure, or pandemic-related behavioral changes. The least amount of COVID-19 illness was reported by those who never wore masks.

When comparing survey results to national statistics or studies based on randomly chosen populations, it is important to keep in mind that the respondents were self-selected and self-reported.

The Control Group project, based in the United Kingdom, was launched in the middle of 2021 as a citizen-led cooperative with the goal of assessing the long-term healthcare outcomes of COVID-19 vaccine-free individuals as well as connecting its participants to national support systems and online community groups.

Read the document below:

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