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Amid soaring national interest in UFOs, House lawmakers conducted an uncommon hearing on Capitol Hill on Wednesday, focusing on the US government's knowledge and management of unidentified anomalous phenomena (UAP).
Daniel Sheehan claims that a whistleblower told him that the crashed UFO recovered by the US military had the ability to distort space and time. However, the Department of Defense has denied these claims.
The journalist Michael Shellenberger said that government contractors support US Air Force whistleblower David Grusch's claim that the US is in possession of 12 'non-human' spacecraft. The report comes after US Air Force whistleblower...
Christopher Mellon, a former deputy assistant secretary of Defense for Intelligence who specializes in UFOs, said that four scientists worked on a secret program to rebuild crashed UFOs. A former intelligence official is calling...
Garry Nolan, a professor of pathology at Stanford University in California, stated that he studied the brains of fighter pilots who encounter UFOs, and found that they had white matter disease. A SCIENTIST who...
Retired US Air Force ICBM launch officer Robert Salas testified about a UFO that turned off Nuke Warheads and shot Test Missiles Out Of Sky at the Malmstrom Air Force Base, Montana in 1967.
According to a report made by Vasily Golubev, the governor of Rostov Oblast, a suspected UFO was shot down over Russia's Rostov Oblast by Russian air defence systems.
A US senate report (read below) which is an addendum to the Intelligence Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2023 has people talking due to the surprising statements it includes about the US government’s current position on UFOs.
Pentagon Opens New UFO Division AARO
The family of Captain Mantel, a US fighter pilot and a distinguished World War II veteran who took part in D-Day, says he was killed while chasing a UFO.