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Texas AG Ken Paxton has filed a lawsuit against Google for collecting biometric data. The case was filed in response to a federal appeals court's upholding of a Texas statute last month, which opens the door for legal action against social media corporations that engage in content moderation.
The University of Texas Medical Branch (UTMB) has admitted that it may have violated the law in its contract with Wuhan Lab and has said they will take responsibility for the poorly drafted confidentiality provisions in potential conflict with applicable state laws.
At the recent Texas Senate Committee hearing on COVID vaccines, Dr. Robert Malone testified, saying regulatory practices had been discarded.
At a press conference on May 27, McCraw said it was the "wrong decision" not to confront Ramos earlier. Here's a timeline of the Texas school shooting and what we know about it so far.
Officials identified Salvador Ramos, 18, as the sole shooter in the incident. Here's the heartbreaking list of all the 21 victims who died in the Texas school shooting at his hands.
Before SpaceX bought up the majority of the properties and launched enormous rockets from its beach-front test facility two miles away, Boca Chica was a peaceful retirement community.. But now, it has turned into something else entirely as we take a look at photos of Elon Musk's $50,000 house in rural Texas.
A recent study has shown how kindness strengthens the brain and help boost the entire family’s cognitive health.
Facebook's facial identification technology has been the subject of judicial action in the past, the latest which comes from Texas, who are suing Meta over facial recognition software.
A woman in Texas leaked spinal fluid after a nasal swab test for Covid-19, which punctured tissue in her brain 3 weeks back. The fluid turned out to be spinal liquid, which leaked because of a tear in her dura mater, a membrane that saves the central nervous system.
Millions of people were left without clean drinking water and power due to devastating blackouts in Texas in February. Tesla is planning to make a 100 megawatt battery to plug into the power grid of Texas. This project will be started in Angleton, Brazoria County for stabilizing energy supply of the area.