Failed Elon Musk Assassination Plot

In an interview with Dr. Gad Saad, a marketing professor at Concordia University’s John Molson School of Business in Montreal, Elon Musk discussed a failed assassination plot in Austin involving two mentally ill individuals with guns.

Failed Elon Musk Assassination Plot 1

In an X Spaces interview with Dr. Gad Saad, a marketing professor at Concordia University of Montreal’s John Molson School of Business, on Sunday night, Elon Musk disclosed that two “very mentally ill” individuals had attempted to murder him in Austin, Texas.

Elon Musk hits OpenAI with a breach of contract lawsuit, claiming it engages in unfair business tactics and breaches fiduciary duties.

Musk talked about his degree of popularity and how it has caused issues for him when he goes out in public near the end of the one-hour interview. He claimed that although everyone is really friendly, he often gets lines of people wanting to take photographs with him when he dines.

“I can’t easily go to the mall or a movie theater or walk around without creating a ruckus,” the world’s richest man said. 

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Saad asked Musk: “Do you have security around in your daily life?”

Failed Elon Musk Assassination Plot 2

Musk responded: “Yes. It’s very rare for me to get death threats.” 

However, he stated, “I have had two cases in the last six months where two people, unfortunately very mentally ill, came to try to kill me in Austin with guns.”

Musk shared a video of a “crazy stalker” who followed his son X Æ A-Xii’s vehicle in December 2022. Without further ado, the billionaire suspended X accounts for having “doxxed real-time location info.”

Meanwhile, radical Democrats, corporate media outlets on the left, and Deep State organizations have all become enraged by Musk’s dedication to “free speech” X. Federal agencies have been weaponized by the Biden administration more and more in an attempt to target the billionaire’s businesses. If the two lunatics that followed Musk to Austin were flaming libtards, it wouldn’t be shocking.

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