Strategic Defense Initiative

Akash Missile System

Who Really Owns Akash Missile System?

A shocking 2017 report by the national auditor CAG observed that several agencies lied about the malfunctioning missiles and poor quality of spare parts provided by the private vendors to the government and said that the Akash Missile System cannot be trusted in situation of a war. It further observed

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Indian Army

Indian Army: A Fate Worse Than Death – S14

Are you aware that one of the key dimensions of the Strategic Defense Initiative required the reduction and degradation of Indian Army from a formidable and feared fighting force, capable of protecting the country from any threat, into a degenerate, fourth-grade and politicized institution? DO WE or DO WE NOT

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Gold Wars

Gold Wars: From Demonetization To DeAurization. S11

The main cause of the financial ruin in the interval 2008-2012 was this currency manipulation, without any gold left to back it up. If the countries are not of European origin, they are all subjected to what we can now call as gold wars or pipeLine wars in which Iraq

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