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The "fact-checkings" have not been able to discredit this seamless documentary, which presents a perfectly reasoned and documented argument that is sure to change the mind of any believer who watches it closely. This sublime work chronicles the events that have taken place since the World Health Organization declared the coronavirus pandemic in March 2020, and it puts an end to the two-year battle against the system.
According to officials, an explosive envelope was delivered to the U.S. Embassy in Madrid, and similar explosive letters have recently been delivered to several locations throughout Spain.
A decree released in the official state gazette on Tuesday states that Spain will ban starting your AC to save energy and cut 7-8% in gas use.
COVID vaccinations have been linked to more heart issues in young men than the virus itself. Now, the President of a Spanish pharma giant has been charged for faking his own COVID vaccine certificate?
In 2011, only 38% of adults in Spain said they looked for medical info online. This is no longer the case as the numbers have risen dramatically as of late. It has got to the point that we should start hearing "doctor google will see you now" very soon.
The EU have established an intelligence center in Spain which might prove to be the first major step toward a more organized European military intervention in Ukraine. The main purpose of the said satellite center is to monitor the Russian troops and their movements.
A Spanish drug safety expert has claimed that mass COVID vaccination is an unprecedented ‘global experiment'. He also slammed the usage of vaccination passports, which he claims lack scientific backing because COVID vaccinations don't really inhibit transmission.
The 2017 terror attacks in Spain were orchestrated by the National Intelligence Center (CNI), a former senior police officer said Thursday.
Vaccine Passports are not that effective in reducing COVID-19 infection rates, concludes experts in Spain. The study found that vaccine passports have made people fearful and compliant rather than reducing the spread of COVID-19.
Spain'S former King Juan Carlos I was injected with female hormones as his rampant sex drive was a danger to the state, the country's most infamous police chief has claimed.