In Which Country Is Smoking Still Popular

According to data from a Statista Consumer Insights survey, smoking is still popular in many countries like China, Germany, and Spain, with China topping the list as 42% of its population consumes cigarettes at least occasionally.

In Which Country Is Smoking Still Popular 1

While the percentage of smokers worldwide is steadily falling, the habit is still very common in many nations.

As reported by Statista’s Anna Fleck, over 36% of urban Indian respondents to a Statista Consumer Insights study performed between January and December 2023 stated that they consume cigarettes at least occasionally.

The percentage is much greater in China, where 42% of respondents feel the same way.

In Which Country Is Smoking Still Popular 2

It was World No Tobacco Day on May 31.

“Protecting children from tobacco industry interference” is this year’s theme, which aims to persuade governments everywhere to protect youth from tobacco marketing strategies in the hopes of lowering the number of addiction cases in the future.

Last year, GreatGameIndia reported that a recent study published in Biological Psychiatry: Global Open Science revealed that smoking shrinks the brain and quitting doesn’t restore its size.

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