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Citing Ukraine's war health minister Adam Niedzielski in a recent interview said that Poland will be cancelling COVID vaccines contracts with Pfizer and other companies.
UN has said that over 3 million refugees have fled Ukraine in the 20 days since the war began and large Polish cities are overflowing with Ukrainian refugees and reaching their maximum "Capacity".
Poland has officially offered to turn over its entire fleet of MIG-29 fighter jets to the US free of charge to be deployed in Ukraine to fight Russians. Meanwhile, Pentagon has warned that if Poland sends jets to Ukraine, it would mean that NATO is at war.
A Polish doctor recently recorded a video of himself getting the experimental COVID-19 vaccine. He mocked the critics who questioned the efficacy of the vaccine while getting jabbed. Ironically, the doctor died just days later, although the cause of his death was reported to be heart failure.
Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison has said that Facebook has attacked the sovereign nation of Australia and that his government will not be intimidated by Facebook’s threats. Meanwhile, other nations from around the world have join in sparking a global war against the threats from Big Tech.
In a move against Big Tech censorship of free speech, Poland is planning to make censoring of social media accounts illegal. “Algorithms or the owners of corporate giants should not decide which views are right and which are not,”...