Poland’s New “Russian Influence Commission” Aims To Rig Upcoming Presidential Election

Poland’s creation of a “Russian Influence Commission,” spearheaded by Prime Minister Donald Tusk, seeks to investigate reported interference in the upcoming presidential election, mirroring past accusations and fueling political tensions.

Poland’s New “Russian Influence Commission” Aims To Rig Upcoming Presidential Election 1

Due to the legacy of its former conservative-nationalist regime, Russia does not influence Poland.

Poland’s New “Russian Influence Commission” Aims To Rig Upcoming Presidential Election 2

Donald Tusk, the prime minister of Poland, announced the creation of a “Russian influence commission” to look into reported instances of this between 2004 and 2024. What’s hypocritical is that he denounced his predecessor for engaging in the same activity the previous summer, which he and the West denounced as a way to sway the parliamentary election that took place last fall in favor of the outgoing administration. One could argue that Tusk now wishes to have a similar impact on the presidential election that will take place in the spring.

Since he is unable to seek reelection, incumbent Andrzej Duda of the now-opposition conservative-nationalist group has been able to obstruct some of the policies of the new liberal-globalist coalition government. His intended successor, whoever that person may be, intends to continue to hold them accountable. Tusk is using the same kind of interference against him that his predecessor did because he is determined to ensure that his party wins that position by any means necessary.

The broader context involves Poland completely surrendering to Germany under Tusk’s leadership to quicken the latter’s return to its superpower trajectory. The US backs Germany in this endeavor so that Germany can hold Russia in check as it “Pivots (back) to Asia” after the Ukrainian Conflict is resolved. Fearmongering about Russia is a key component of this strategy; most recently, it was used for allegations that it was sabotaging Poland and setting the largest mall in Warsaw on fire.

By keeping Russia front and center in Poles’ thoughts, these claims aim to instill in them the belief that Poland cannot defeat its longstanding eastern foe on its own and must, therefore, closely coordinate all pertinent security matters with neighboring Germany. The idea is that, with the US located halfway around the globe and Germany just remilitarizing and becoming anti-Russian, NATO’s collective action may be hampered by pragmatist allies like Hungary.

In tandem, the ruling liberal-globalist alliance has attempted to establish a link between the conservative-nationalist opposition and the prominent Warsaw judge who fled to Belarus earlier this month to avoid political persecution due to his anti-proxy war beliefs. Not long afterward, the Polish media revealed that the Supreme Audit Office was looking into claims made by the old administration that it had misappropriated money intended for a propaganda campaign against Russia. By the summer, charges may result from this investigation.

To justify the resuscitation of his predecessor’s “influence commission” in a new setting intended to give it false legitimacy and divert attention from its true objectives, Tusk took advantage of these stories about Russia actively waging a “hybrid war” against Poland, actively plotting its invasion, and even infiltrating the state institutions. According to the aforementioned judge who just escaped to Belarus, it will result in “purges and political prisons,” which is consistent with the claim made in this study that the ultimate objective is to sway the results of the upcoming presidential election.

In actuality, Poland has no Russian influence because of the legacy of its previous conservative-nationalist administration, whose leader boasted that his nation was to blame for the spread of Russophobia throughout the world and referred to the Russian world as a “cancer.” Along the way, he “de-Russified” the energy industry, increased military spending, added additional US soldiers to Poland, and eventually made Poland the main NATO logistics hub for supplying Ukraine with weapons against Russia.

Tusk wants to trick Poles into believing that the policies he is promoting are those of a government that is controlled by Russia, even if this isn’t the case. If this happens, the candidate may even lose the right to compete for president in the upcoming election. The ruling coalition will be able to force the most radical aspects of its ideological agenda on the nation if the liberal-globalist candidate prevails while doing so runs the risk of escalating Poland’s political crisis out of control.

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