Sunday, June 16, 2024

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A BlackRock recruiter named Serge Varlay said that some of the companies that BlackRock controls are "From Merck to Microsoft." A week after an employee of the world’s largest asset management company, BlackRock, described...
According to a preprint study by researchers in the US and at the Francis Crick Institute, Imperial College London, and other UK universities, the Merck Covid pill Lagevrio was linked to new virus mutations.
One of the most deadly Smallpox virus samples in the world has been accidentally found at a Merck vaccine facility while cleaning. The virus is considered so deadly that only two labs in the world are authorized to store samples of it, one in Russia and the other at the CDC in Atlanta. Meanwhile, Bill Gates has warned governments to prepare for smallpox terror attacks and future pandemics by investing billions into a global pandemic task force running “germ games” to prepare for future outbreaks or biological attacks.
According to a report, the US Department of Defense financed COVID pill Molnupiravir is being sold by Merck at 40 times the actual cost price.
Molnupiravir was developed for the treatment of Influenza. According to whistleblower complaint Molnupiravir has mutagenic properties and may change your DNA. Now, Molnupiravir has been repurposed for COVID-19. Merck has entered into agreements with Indian manufacturers and has also announced $5 million of donations to enter into Indian market. Here is all you need to know about Merck's Covid pill Molnupiravir.
Merck has announced that it will stop making its COVID-19 vaccines after failed clinical trials to generate a strong immune response.
Vaccine whistleblower Brandy Vaughan, a former sales executive for the pharmaceutical company Merck and the founder of, a website dedicated to educating people on the risks associated with vaccines, was found dead in her home beside her nine-year-old...
The $35 billion vaccine market has grown sixfold over the past two decades. The industry has consolidated to four big players that account for about 85% of the market — British drugmaker GlaxoSmithKline, French pharmaceutical company Sanofi, and U.S.-based...