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The Finance Committee of the Iraqi Parliament stated that they are calling to ditch the US dollar for oil trade. To thwart US sanctions on the Iraqi banking system,...
The Iranian Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps has launched ballistic missiles against foreign 'espionage centers' in Iraq near the US Consulate. In what seems to be a significant uptick from...
China embarks on the construction of 15 new cities in Iraq, with East China Engineering Science and Technology Co., Ltd. and another company securing contracts to build the housing units.
After Iraq's Oil Ministry approved Inpex, the big oil corporation of Japan, to sell its share of Iraq's biggest oil discovery, 'Block 10', Russia is set to take control of it for 20 years.
The plot to throw Donald Trump into Iraqi prisons grows stronger as Supreme Judicial Council President Faiq Zidan, who issued an arrest warrant, is invited by the Department of Justice.
On the French TV channel LCI, US' John Kerry admitted that the Iraq War was based on a lie but refrained from calling it aggression, as President Bush was never directly accused.
According to IraqiNews, which cites a Baghdad news outlet, the Iraqi Supreme Court has issued an arrest warrant for former US President Donald Trump for the murder of Iran's Quds Force commander, Qasem Soleimani, on Iraqi soil.
Iraq is nearing the brink of a Shiite civil war. Iraq's destiny will be decided by the escalating violence of Moqtada al-Sadr and Iran's rivalry.
In a cross-border ground assault supported by artillery, aircraft, helicopters, and drones, Turkey has launched an invasion of Iraq in order to take out the insurgent group in the northern part.
ISIS have lately attempted to resurge. At such a time, reports have emerged stating that Ericsson employees were paying bribes to ISIS terrorists in an attempt to gain access to the markets.