Tuesday, May 28, 2024

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Wikipedia has revealed the most popular articles in 2023, with ChatGPT topping the list and Taylor Swift coming in 12th. With ChatGPT, artificial intelligence underwent a sea change, enabling...
Encountering an online robot, or bot, is as frequent as discovering a pair of shoes in your closet. This occurrence is intrinsic to the internet, yet users have reached...
With Imgur and Twitter removing "old, unused, and inactive accounts and content," it becomes apparent that the internet's memory is fading before our eyes. It emphasizes the need for us to preserve what we can.
The cybersecurity experts at Imperva claim that AI-powered bots are taking over the internet and mimicking human behavior. They state that in 2022, approximately 47.4% of all internet traffic came from bots rather than humans.
Nikola Tesla's writings, predicting the internet and even cellphones decades before they were actually invented, were published in "The Century Magazine" in an essay titled "The Problem of Increasing Human Energy." These writings have been recovered and...
According to the Ookla Speed Test Report for 2023 so far, Singapore, UAE, Chile, China, and Denmark have the fastest internet.
Stephen B. Wicker, professor of electrical and computer engineering at Cornell University, said that deleting data about yourself from the internet is a matter of personal preference, and how to do that is given below.
Many of the top behemoths operate many platforms and content streams, which in turn helped them to rise into the top 20 internet giants that currently rule the web.