These Countries Have The Fastest Internet In 2023

According to the Ookla Speed Test Report for 2023 so far, Singapore, UAE, Chile, China, and Denmark have the fastest internet.

Internet speed analytics company Ookla has released its latest internet performance report for the first quarter of 2023. The report gives an overview of the median internet speeds in various countries across the globe in both fixed broadband and mobile internet categories.

Speaking of broadband, the median global download and upload speeds were recorded at 79 Mbps and 34.92 Mbps respectively, meanwhile, the latency was 9ms. Here Singapore, UAE, Chile, China, and Denmark have taken the top five positions on the list of countries with the fastest fixed broadband.

On the other hand, the global median download and upload speeds for mobile internet are 41.54 Mbps and 10.42 Mbps respectively with a latency of 28ms. Here UAE, Qatar, Norway, Kuwait, and Demark are in the top five positions with the highest median mobile download speeds.

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