Most Popular Wikipedia Articles In 2023

Wikipedia has revealed the most popular articles in 2023, with ChatGPT topping the list and Taylor Swift coming in 12th.

Most Popular Wikipedia Articles In 2023 1

With ChatGPT, artificial intelligence underwent a sea change, enabling millions of users to test generative AI.

Most Popular Wikipedia Articles In 2023 2
Most Popular Wikipedia Articles In 2023 2

Therefore, It should be no surprise that the subject has emerged as the most popular English Wikipedia article this year, as Statista’s Anna Fleck explains below.

The non-profit group that runs ChatGPT, the collaborative encyclopedia, reports that as of November 28, 2023, there were 49.4 million visits to the site.

Manisha Granthalaya, a little book haven in Kolkata, which debuted in 1964, keeps the Russian spirit alive in India.

On the list of the most visited Wikipedia pages in 2023, “Oppenheimer,” the fifth biggest-grossing picture of the year, came in fifth. The film portrays the tale of the “Manhattan Project” and the construction of the atomic bomb.

Regarding celebrities, Lionel Messi is ranked 15th on Wikipedia, and Taylor Swift, recently selected Time magazine’s Person of the Year, is ranked 12th.

Most Popular Wikipedia Articles In 2023 3
Most Popular Wikipedia Articles In 2023 3

According to the organization:

“The most-viewed Wikipedia articles of 2023 tell the story of you and society at large seeking out knowledge about our ever-changing world from the world’s largest encyclopedia.”

The foundation reports that over 84 billion people visited the English site alone this year.

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