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In a strategy update event focused on software held in California, Mercedes-Benz unveiled a Google partnership to include supercomputers in its cars.
According to Statista's Digital Market Insights, estimated global search advertising revenue was estimated to be $260 billion last year and could reach $400 billion by 2026.

Will AI Kill The Internet

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella characterizes the arrival of AI as a new paradigm, a technical turn that has the same significance as the invention of graphical user interfaces or the smartphone, but whether it will kill the internet in the future is a question we can't answer.
Geopolitical unrest, price hikes, and the job market all played major parts in 2022's market turbulence. Which stories drew the most attention from investors? Here are the the top Google searches related to investing in 2022.
A lawsuit accusing Google of abusing its position as one of the biggest brokers, providers, and online auctioneers of advertisements put on websites and mobile applications could result in Google Ads losing its monopoly.
Google, the world's leading search engine and technology company, has the resources and expertise to potentially take over the world in a variety of ways.
The 100 largest public companies in the world have been revealed, with Apple topping the list, according to data from Companiesmarketcap. 
In order to handle its cloud needs, the Pentagon modified its strategy last year and solicited bids from Amazon, Google, Microsoft, and Oracle. Now, Google, Oracle, Amazon and Microsoft are all set to work for Pentagon in a $9 billion deal.
Texas AG Ken Paxton has filed a lawsuit against Google for collecting biometric data. The case was filed in response to a federal appeals court's upholding of a Texas statute last month, which opens the door for legal action against social media corporations that engage in content moderation.
Google's advertising contributed $209.5 billion in revenues to the corporation in its fiscal year 2021. Now, a class action lawsuit exposes Google's opaque data-mining practices.