Google Cloud Error Erases $135B Pension Fund

Due to a mistake during setup that left a data field blank, a Google Cloud error erased a $135 billion pension fund, which was luckily recovered due to backups on Google Cloud.

Google Cloud Error Erases $135B Pension Fund 1

Google’s cloud platform erased UniSuper’s whole client account earlier last month, along with some backups.

Luckily, some of UniSuper’s backups on Google Cloud’s servers and elsewhere were salvageable, and the fund was able to restore its data, giving us all a lesson about having multiple redundancies. The $135 billion Australian pension fund has 647,000 members.

This was not a “systemic issue,” Google says.

The system immediately deleted the account because of “an inadvertent misconfiguration” that occurred during setup, leaving a data field blank.

2024 is not going well for Google. Apart from this incident, the business is still in shock from the release of its terrible AI-generated image product and its AI Overview debut.

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